Artifacts 01.09.20

The 'LOST Carmel group photo exhibition', curated by Kris Graves, opens 5-7pm Saturday, Jan. 11 (4-5pm artist lecture) at the Center for Photographic Art.

  • Over there to the left is a story that covers, among others, an art happening called Art Activation that goes down at the Pacific Grove Art Center on Saturday, Jan. 11. The day before, you can catch the center’s regularly scheduled programming – an opening reception of a new round of art shows, including work by Ralph Joachim, Margaret Rinkovsky, Hilary Saner, Dante Rondo, Erik Landry, Monterey High Schoolers and Glenn Leon-Guerrero. It’s 7-9pm Friday, Jan. 10.
  • Here is a North Monterey itinerary worth considering. A late afternoon workout and shower at J&S gym, a leisurely bike ride down the new North Fremont center divide bike lane, dinner at Monterey Cookhouse, then a comedy show at Pink Flamingo Theater with Dr. Scott, Victor Dubin, Matthew Quirk and Chree Powell (8pm Friday, Jan. 10, 238-2399 for $15 tickets). Afterwards you can cross the street to whoop it up at Jade Lounge. Just a suggestion.
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco seems like one of those films that we needed a long time ago but didn’t realize it. Today we’re talking about the gentrification of Oakland and the East Bay, but the city of San Francisco was ceded long ago. This film, done in an artful and arresting style, seems to remind us that not everyone has let go of the ideal of a city in the year 2020 that makes room for everyone. The Marina Library screens it for free, with refreshments, 2pm Saturday, Jan. 11, for adults and older teens.
  • The Carmel Art Walk is a nice way to start 2020 – walking to a bunch of artist-owned galleries to look at art. Participating galleries include those of Kevin Milligan, Lisa Bryan, Steven Whyte, Joaquin Turner, Kathy Sharpe, Bryan Hillstrom and others. Like 11 others. That’s a lot of walking, and a lot of art. 5-8pm Sat, Jan. 11. 869-5564,
  • Non-affiliated professional astronomy observatory MIRA (that would be the Mirthfully Impudent Raccoon Association… just kidding) is hosting the free 33rd annual Chesley Bonestell Memorial Lecture featuring Dr. Brian Keating (author or Losing the Nobel Prize), who will ponder whether there was one Big Bang or many Big Bangs that formed multiverses. In this universe he’ll do so at 7:30-8:30pm Saturday, Jan. 11.

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