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Paul Van De Carr’s surreal interpretation of man versus nature is one of many local originals that’ll be on display and available for purchase Saturday at the ninth annual Seaside Artists Association Studio Tour.

If you look online for information about Artists Equity’s long-running Monterey County Artists Studio Tour, it seems to be frozen in time at last year’s 25th anniversary. There is nothing about this year’s iteration. And there won’t be.

Per an email from the group’s former director Michael Duffy, Artists Equity, a visual arts support nonprofit founded in the 1980s, is disbanding. And it’s taking its signature event – the sprawling but intimate two-day, Peninsula-wide open house into the homes and studios of more than 60 local artists – with it.

But it’s not the end of studio tours. Trish Sullivan is still brewing up Artoberfest, a Salinas and Salinas Valley breakaway from the Artists Equity version, in its sixth year this October. And over in Seaside, Sandra Gray, art maven-about-town, hopes to segue that potential art energy into her day-long ninth annual Seaside Artists Association Studio Tour this Saturday.

A dozen artists are officially slated to show work in their home studios. They include photographer William Zeigler, painter and illustrator Paul Van de Carr and furniture maker Michael Wildgoose. More art will be shown in group settings at Seaside’s Oldemeyer Center, Open Ground Studios and Peace Resource Center, as well as neighboring Sand City’s Red Door Gallery. (Maps available at Oldemeyer Center and Seaside’s City Hall.)

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“We’re diverse,” Gray says. “We’re inclusive. We want to make sure anyone who wants to put their art on display can share their art.”

Which can be discussed at length with participating artists, as well as purchased. The next day, Gray sagely reminds, is Mother’s Day.

Seaside Artists Association Studio Tour 10am-5pm Saturday, May 9. Various locations throughout Seaside and Sand City. Free. 402-2274

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