Not Just Black and White: Carmel Valley photographer Craig Lovell unveils his pictures of people from China, Tibet, Nepal and India at Marjorie Evans Gallery at Sunset Center starting with a reception 5;30-7;30pm Friday, March 12.


ALTERNATIVE CAFÉ Lucid Dreams: The Alternative Cafe presents another collection of dark visual hallucinations. NorCal artists Ken Keirns and Chrystral Chan offer eery, otherworldly paintings, popping with distorted faces, over-sized eyes, and odd juxtapositions, like monkeys in suits and little white rabbits hanging on clotheslines. Tennessee’s Fang Ling Lee brings an erotic tone to the mix, with her studies of the female body wrapped in octopus arms or strangled by scarves, while New York’s Dave MacDowell enlivens the show with his colorful, jam-packed works that reveal the sick underside of contemporary culture. Wine, beer, coffee and small bites complement the opening reception for these goodies Friday, March 12, 7-10pm.| 1230 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. 583-0913, Regular hours: 10am-4pm Mon-Fri, noon-3pm Sat.

MARJORIE EVANS GALLERY Carmel Valley photographer Craig Lovell has traveled extensively across East Asia, from his first trip that began in Maoist China, into Tibet and Nepal, including three excursions into the Himalayas. Often traveling on foot, his camera was a constant companion, and he took multitudes of pictures of the indigenous people he encountered, steeped in their different cultures, the common bonds of humanity shining through. This show documents the exotic and disappearing reaches of the planet, with the depth and clarity of black and white and the richness of color photos. The opening reception 5:30-7:30pm Friday March 12 is appointed with refreshments | Sunset Center, San Carlos between Eighth and Ninth, Carmel. 620-2052. Regular hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

MONTEREY MUSEUM OF ART-LA MIRADA This exhibition celebrates the Danish-American artist, a second-generation member of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, whose vividly colored abstract expressionist works have made him one of California’s most well-known artists. Weaving in natural figures from the central coast and flirting with color, form and light, Petersen’s highly dualistic paintings are both orderly and chaotic and riddled with symbolism that spans artistic movements back to the Egyptians. The exhibition is Petersen’s first museum retrospective, opens 6-8pm Saturday March 12, and runs through June 20. | 720 via Mirada, Monterey. 372-3689, 372-5477 x101, $5/admission. Regular hours: 11am-5pm Wed-Sat, 1-4pm Sun.

MONTEREY PENINSULA COLLEGE ART GALLERY This dual artist exhibition combines the talents of two regional artists. Aptos artist Jenni Ward’s clay works draw from nature in whimsical form, some of which hang from the ceiling like suspended mobiles. Marin County’s Janice Best paints abstract but composed oils that are also modeled on nature’s forms. The reception April 8 introduces the public to the artists themselves, but their work is viewable March 16 to April 16 | 980 Fremont St., Monterey. 646-3060, $1/parking. Regular hours: 10am-4pm Tue-Fri.



CAMALDOLI HERMITAGE This monks retreat in the Big Sur mountains offers new attractions – a bookstore and gift shop, and an art exhibit featuring Kathrin Burleson’ The Way of the Cross and The Epiphany Times Three series of icons and acrylics, Dan Cronin’s White Series of acrylics and mixed media, Margaret Rose’s plein air miniatures, Sophia Christine’s icons and jewelry, Lynne Jays’ oils and Fr. Arthur Poulin’s prints and Br. Emmaus’ giclees. | 62475 Highwa 1, Big Sur. 667-0189, Regular hours: 8am-5pm daily.

DEL CAMPO GALLERY The latest works of Lorena del Campo, Karuna Licht and Hans Apelqvist including jewelry, paintings and sculpture, are on display. |Hwy 1, Loma Vista, Spirit Garden, Big Sur. 667-2618, Regular hours: 11am-6pm Tue-Sun.

FERNWOOD RESORT ART GALLERY California flower paintings by Darlene S. Boyd. | Hwy. 1, 30 miles south of Carmel, Big Sur. 667-2422, Regular hours: 8am-10pm.

HAWTHORNE GALLERY New works by all featured artists, including Greg Hawthorne, debut to the public in Big Sur. Greg reveals a new painting style he’s been experimenting with in the last few months, as well as some new sculptures. | 30 miles south of Rio Road, opposite Nepenthe Restaurant, Hwy. 1, Big Sur. 667-3200, Regular hours: 10am-6pm.

PHOENIX SHOP AT NEPENTHE The Abstracted Landscape: paintings by Erin Lee Gafill. | Nepenthe Restaurant, Highway 1, Big Sur. 667-2347, 10:30am-7pm.

POST RANCH INN Celebrated photographer Bryant Austin snaps shots of endangered whales in special ocean regions like the the Kingdom of Tonga. In one instance, while he was taking a picture of a baby humpback, its mother tapped him on the shoulder with her dorsal, just to alert him that she was near. His to-scale photos of whales engage the senses while spreading awareness and empathy about the survival of these amazing mammals. | Sierra Mar Restaurant, Post Ranch Inn, Highway 1, 27 miles south of Carmel, Big Sur. 646-1939, 667-2800,

SOFANYA’S STUDIO IN THE REDWOODS New paintings and sculpture by Sofanya, including “essence portraits,” works by Robert Parco and other local artists. Call for appointment or see website for workshops and events. | Between Carmel and Big Sur. 626-2876,, Regular hours: by appointment.

SOUL RIVER STUDIOS Works by various artists. Call for details.| 46840 Hwy 1, next to River Inn, Big Sur. 667-2559,


AMERICAN ART GALLERY Paintings of women by various artists. | Dolores between Ocean Avenue and Seventh, Carmel. 625-4030. Regular hours: 11am-5pm Mon-Sat.

APODACA GALLERY Various works by Johnny Apodaca. | Dolores between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel. 250-7031. Regular hours: 11am-5pm Sat-Mon.

AVALON GALLERY Fantastical giclees by Daniel Merriam and Michael Parkes. | Lincoln between Ocean and Seventh, Carmel. 622-0830, 594-5432,

BIG SUR GALLERY Form Without Function: Central Coast painter Cecil C. Childress, a California native, presents expressionistic abstracts that display unusual elements and images, while Marilyn Kuksht, a former Senior Vice President and Manager of a major bank, abandoned the corporate world to focus on steel and cast bronze sculpture. | 26543 Carmel Rancho Shopping Center, Carmel. 624-1172. Regular hours: 11am-4pm.

CARL CHERRY CENTER The Cherry rounds up art from the county’s high schoolers – painting, sculpture, found stuff, mixed media, whatever their young minds conceive – into this juried showcase, now in its 21st year. We’ve seen some forward-thinking work come out of here in the past, the opening reception, with many of the artists present, promises no less. Its companion poetry series is still gaining momentum and taking submissions. | Fourth and Guadalupe, Carmel. 624-7491, Regular hours: 11am-4pm Mon-Fri.

CARMEL ART ASSOCIATION March Art Show: Like the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, March rotates CAA’s batch of member artists into place. Rip Matteson and Fred Carvell met 50 years ago, now they show together in the Beardsley Room; Susan Giacometti’s solow show, Habitats, captures her facsincation with animals in prints and paints; Mary FitzGerald Beach, Reynolds Hewitt and Gerald Wasserman show together in the Segal Room. | Dolores between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel. 624-6176, Regular hours: 10am-5pm daily.

CARMEL BAY COMPANY Erin Lee Gafill: New works painted by Erin Lee Gafill during the Carmel Art Fest are displayed. | Seven Arts Building, Ocean and Lincoln, Carmel. 747-4711, 624-3868, Regular hours: 10am-5pm.

CARMEL FOUNDATION July Artist of the Month: Trish McCann presents her exhibit, The Mind’s Eye – It’s All About Freedom of Expression, a mixture of photography and photocollage that explores architectual lines and forms that evolve into abstract art. | Outcalt Activity Building, SE corner of Eighth and Lincoln, Carmel. 624-1588, Regular hours: 9am-4:30pm Mon-Fri, 9:30am-3:30pm Sat, 1:30-3:30pm Sun.

CARMEL MISSION In the Footsteps of Father Junipero Serra, 1750-1758: The Five Folk-Baroque Mission Churches of Mexico’s Sierra Gorda: Jeffrey Becom and Richard Perry exhibit of photographs and pen and ink drawings depicting Serra’s early, elaborate mission churches founded in Central Mexico’s state of Queretaro 20 years prior to California’s. | 3080 Rio Road, Carmel. $6.50/adult; $4/senior; $2/child 5-17; free/Sun. 624-3600 x214, Regular hours: 9:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10:30am-5pm Sun.

CARMEL VALLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY Carmel Valley Landscapes: local landscape oil paintings by artist Sam Johnston, a 9-year resident who also does portraits and was trained in New York. The show hangs through March. | 65 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel. 659-2377, 659-2759, Regular hours: 11am-7pm Tue and Thu, 10am-5pm Wed and Fri, 11am-5pm Sat.

CARMEL VALLEY ROASTING CO. Perceived Connections: Shadow boxes by Jody Royee filled with images of nature, technology and sacred geometry, including labyrinths, galaxies, maps, fighter jets, human brains and more. | 319 Mid Valley Center, Carmel. 622-0787, Regular hours: 6:30am-5pm daily.

CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MIIS alumna and well-known photographer Martha Casanave says of her work shooting personal portraits, “The only fairly predictable feature of portrait photography (at least the kind I do) is that the sitter will generally be disappointed in the result.” Casanave speaks about her work spanning 1969 to 1999 today to kick of her exhibition, “40 Years of Portraits,” a look back at her approach to portraiture. Her striking portraits in black and white find character in the ordinary and evoke the work of Life Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt. The exhibition runs to May 1. | Sunset Center, San Carlos and Ninth, Carmel. 625-5181, 626-1766, Regular hours: 1-5pm Tue-Sun.

CLAYPOOLE FREESE GALLERY Within the Dialogue: exhibit of four contemporary Monterey Peninsula painters including Barry Masteller, Ursula O’Farrell, Tom Burns and Chris Winfield, who hasn’t shown in a decade. The show is a thematic conversation between the four artists. | San Carlos between Ocean and Seventh, Carmel. 250-7157, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.

COAST GALLERY CARMEL Works by various artists. | Ocean and San Carlos, Carmel. 625-3200, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

DAWSON COLE FINE ARTS II Born of Fire: 20-year Richard MacDonald retrospective. | Lincoln and Sixth, Suite G, Carmel. 624-8200.

EXPOSED Gallery owners invite members of the community to a $100 print sale of limited-edition photographs, specially reprinted for the holiday season. Six new photos, depicting local people and landscapes, were taken for this event. | San Carlos and Seventh, Carmel. 238-0127,

GALLERY I FINE ART Artist Moses Nyanhongo of Zimbabwe is making his first American appearance here on the Peninsula. An exhibition of his sculptures will show works of art in different stages of their development, a workshop and display of the tools he uses will be on hand for the public to personally view how this artist performs his craft. Nyanhongo, a 24 year old emerging artist, who has presented his work in Germany and South Africa will bring his latest artwork to his Carmel debut. He is the younger brother of well known artists’ Agnes and Gedion who have been represented by Gallery i for 11 years. | Ocean and Mission, Carmel. 626-1617, 10am-6pm daily. Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

GALERIE PLEIN AIRE Works of plein air landscapes by local artist. | Dolores and Sixth, Carmel. 625-5686, 11am-5pm Thu-Mon.

GALLERY NORTH 15 local painters, sculptors and glass and gourd artists, and guest artists like Janet Roberts, Barbara Kreitman and Cynthia Johnson Bianchetta. | Northwest corner of Dolores and Sixth, Carmel. 620-1987, http:// Regular hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sun.

GALERIE RUE ROYALE Dark/Light: works by Todd White. | Dolores and Sixth, Carmel. 625-5686.

GALLERY 21 Works by various artists, including Eyvind Earle’s expressionistic landscape paintings, Audrey Lynne Cook’s animal sculptures and Mark Bava’s bronze sculpture. | Sixth between Dolores and Lincoln, Carmel. 625-1738, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.

GALLERY ELITE Works by various artists. | San Carlos between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel. 625-2233,

GEORGE STERN FINE ARTS A proponent of California Impressionism and American Scene paintings, George Stern Fine Arts hosts an exhibition of paintings of and around Carmel, dating from 1880-1940. They contrast that historical show with the works of contemporary artists William Maughan, Jesse Powell and Jim McVicker. | 2 SW of San Carlos on Sixth, Carmel. 626-1100, Regular hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Tue-Sat, noon-5pm Sun.

HANSON GALLERY Knotty Problem: political cartoons by Dr. Seuss. | Carmel Plaza courtyard, Ocean and Mission, Carmel. 625-6142.

JAMES J. RIESER FINE ART Peggi Kroll paints still lifes and small paintings, using very few brush strokes and a bold palette, accentuating subjects with strong values. | Dolores and Fifth, Carmel. 620-0530. Regular hours: 11am-5pm.

LAURYN TAYLOR FINE ART Miniatures exhibition. | San Carlos and Seventh, Carmel.

LEDBETTER ART STUDIO Artist Emy Ledbetter captures something of the spiritual in her works, glimpsing beyond the world of the physical into the much more elusive realm of the sacred. She shows 11 new works and hand painted handbags at her studio in Carmel, by appointment. | Third and Guadalupe, Carmel. 625-4175.

LU LU’S SILK ART GALLERY Chinese Folk House: Paintings by Chunming Yu. | Mission and Fifth, Carmel. 620-1122. Regular hours: 10:30am-5pm.

MIKE BALL GALLERY In and Out of the Desert: New works by Steven Ruiz. | Mission and Fifth, Carmel.

MIMOSA Ceramic artist Aurthur Rogers and carved ceramics artist Steve Zucker present their new exhibit at Mimosa. Ling-Yen Jones, a local jewelry designer shows off her latest. Last but not least, Nick Leonoff grabs attention with hand blown glass ornaments. | 161 Crossroads Blvd., Carmel. 620-0525. Regular hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat, noon-5pm Sun.

MOUNTAINSONG GALLERIES Steven J. Backman Toothpick Art: It started out as a youthful hobby for Backman, morphed into an obsession, and, 30 years ago, blossomed into a peculiar kind of fine art made from clean, minimalist lines of imperceptible toothpicks against black blackgrounds or small-scale sculptures of icons from his native San Francisco or abstact waves. He’s had shows in Brooklyn Borough Hall, de Young Museum and Ripley’s Believe It of Not! Museum. Mountainsong, however, is the gallery that represents him exclusively. “I’m one of the very few that does this, I think,” he told The Daily Beast last month. | Ocean and 3 SE of San Carlos, Carmel. 626-0600, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

NEW MASTERS GALLERY One Man Art Show: The award winning artist, Kevin Courter, is bringing 50 of his oil paintings to the Carmel gallery. Courter who has previously won best in show and people’s choice award at the Carmel Art Festivals will be on hand to show his paintings of early California to the public. | Dolores between Ocean and Seventh, Carmel. 625-1511, Regular hours: 10am-5:30pm.

PEARL CANYON GALLERY Inaugural Show: This new gallery in Carmel introduces the public to its roster of 15 California artists – including Joao deBrito, Michael Mote, John Maxon and Beth Shields from Santa Cruz, Kay Carlson from the Bay Area and locals Peggy Olsen and Sheila Delimont. | Dolores and Ocean, Carmel. 624-4213,

PHOTOGRAPHY WEST GALLERY Autumn Landscapes: photographs by Christopher Burkett. | Ocean Avenue and Dolores, Carmel. 625-1587, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.

PORTNOY GALLERIES The latest works of this successful landscaping water colorist are now on display. Famous for his paintings of the rural Salinas Valley and acrylic works of art that have been shown in more than 60 solo and group shows around the country Dominguez is unveiling “Winter Solace,” “Drydock,” “Rustic Light” and more. | Sixth and San Carlos, Carmel. 624-1155, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Sat, 11am-3pm Sun-Mon.

RED MILL Dale Lefler shows his watercolors, which he took up in 1986 and has shown at Alvarado Gallery, the Carmel Foundation and Pacific Grove Art Center. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The part you won’t see and will have to listen to Lefler about, is his storied first career as a dancer. He served as assistant choreographer for Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, Lucille Ball, Mickey Rooney. He worked with Gene Kelly and director Vincent Minelli in the 1943 MGM film Best Foot Forward. He studied under Ted Shawn, who Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 1933, making it the longest running dance festival – period. He established a dance studio in Monterey in 1953. The “hoofer” and plein aire artist will add author to his credits when he publishes his memoir of his long, illustrious life. | 1 Center St., Carmel Valley. 659-2750, 375-1146.

RIP SQUEAK GALLERY CARMEL The husband and wife team of locals Leonard Filgate and Susan Yost-Filgate created the Rip Squeak series of imaginative and colorful childrens books in 1997. Their Carmel gallery displays work from the books and paintings of other subjects like the beautiful and scenic Peninsula, and they have entrusted the precocious characters to painters like Julia Harnett Harvey, Anthony LoSchiavo, Chris Hopkins and Jim Kosvanec. | Ocean between Dolores and San Carlos, Carmel. 626-1127, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

RIP SQUEAK GALLERY CANNERY ROW The husband and wife team of locals Leonard Filgate and Susan Yost-Filgate created the Rip Squeak series of imaginative and colorful childrens books in 1997. Their Cannery Row gallery displays work from the books and paintings. The entire roster of artists like Julia Harnett and writers like Lee Cohen are represented. | 151 Cannery Row, Suite 101, Monterey. 643-9999, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

ROBERT KNIGHT GALLERY California: Photographic work by Robert Knight that will be appearing in his forthcoming book California, and new photographs from Africa. | Dolores and Seventh, Carmel. 626-1230, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

ROBIN WINFIELD STUDIO/GALLERY This small, new art venture from brothers Chris and Robin Winfield is located behind the Carmel Coffee House (formerly Cardinale’s Cafe), down an alleyway, and is filled with paintings, photographs, ceramics, mixed media and jewelry. | Ocean between San Carlos and Dolores, Carmel. 601-0725.

RODRIGUE STUDIO Painter of the ubiquitous Blue Dog series, artist George Rodrigue relocates his gallery in Carmel, doubling the size of his prior location. | Dolores between Ocean and Seventh, Carmel. 626-4444, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat, noon-5pm Sun.

SANDY BY THE SEA GALLERY Seascapes, landscapes, still lifes, florals and works of Realism by various artists. | Dolores and Fifth, Carmel. 624-0260, Regular hours: 11am-5pm Thu-Tue.

SIMIC GALLERIES Poet of the Land and Sea: works by Mario B. Simic. | San Carlos and Fifth, Carmel. 624-7522, Regular hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Thu, 10am-10pm Fri-Sat, 11am-7pm Sun.

STEVEN WHYTE SCULPTURE STUDIO AND GALLERY Sculpture by Steven Whyte. | Su Vecino Court, Dolores and Sixth, Carmel. 620-1917.

STUDIO 441 Fresh Obsessions: works by Janet Roberts. | 441 Corral De Tierra Road, Carmel. 484-1330, Regular hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, weekends by appointment.

SUNSET CENTER From Studio to Gallery to Auction: Steven Whyte sculptures in the Marjorie Evans Gallery through September. | San Carlos between Eighth and Ninth, Carmel. 620-2048, Regualr hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH From Paris to Pacific Grove: Bill Clausen’s painted nature scenes of the Monterey Peninsula, Lake Tahoe and France. This show exhibits his latest watercolors. | 490 Aguajito Road, Carmel. 624-7404, Regular hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (call ahead).

WEBER GOLDSMITH New, handcrafted and custom jewelry gallery. | 107 Crossroads Blvd., Carmel. 626-7600,

WESTON GALLERY It was curated by gallery staff, including Richard Gadd and Davika Weston (Cole’s daughter-in-law), and is ready for perusal. Corresponding Angles is a group show of archived and new photographs from some of the most illustrious fine art photographers who ever lived, including Ansel Adams, Rod Dresser, Rolfe Horn, Edward Steichen and Brett Weston. It’s theme is structural and archectural, with new prints by Dresser and even a newly acquired Adams piece diverging from nature to focus on a group of buildings in Silverton, Colorado. The show will hang until March 30. “These are works that have not typically been displayed before at the gallery,” says Gadd. | Sixth between Dolores and Lincoln, Carmel. 624-4453, Regular hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Thu-Tue.

WHITE OAK GALLERY OF CARMEL VALLEY VILLAGE Spirit of the West: paintings. | 1 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel. 625-0550.

WILLIAM A. KARGES FINE ART Early California paintings. | Dolores and Sixth, Carmel. 625-4266, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat.

WINFIELD GALLERY The Song: New Works. Allison Massari collages of the female form. | Dolores between Seventh and Ocean, Carmel. 624-3369, Regular hours: 11am-5pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun.

WINTERS GALLERY Jerry Winters’ Americana and French folk paintings. | San Carlos and Seventh, Carmel.

WINTERS SCULPTURE GALLERY Archie Held’s new bronze and stainless steel water sculpture. | 29251 Hwy. 1, Carmel.

WYLAND GALLERIES Wyland: Known simply as Wyland – the vastly famous artist whose ocean and sea creature works grace galleries, books, prints and posters everywhere – the artist makes an appearance today to discuss his work, which is done in an almost airbrush style, commercial and touching, finely brushed with a simple innocence and awe. | 3 NW Mission, Carmel. 626-6225, 888-WYLAND1. Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.


BLAGOJCE STOJANOVSKI FINE ART GALLERY Once We Were Children Too. | 16B Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley. 277-0056,

CARMEL VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION Spring and Summer: months-long exhibition by member artists. | 13766 Center St., Carmel Valley Village. 659-2441, 11am-4pm Wed-Sat.

CARMEL VALLEY VILLAGE GALLERY Works by international artists. | 9 Delfino Place, Carmel Valley Village.

GALLERY O Tom O’Neal’s private collection, rock and roll photos, still lifes, masks. | 19 E. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley Village. 659-5040.

LYONSHEAD GALLERY Works by various artists. 12 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley Village. | 659-4192, 11am-5pm Tue-Sat.

MASAOKA DESIGN GALLERY Works by various artists. | 13766 Center St., Suite G-2, Carmel Valley. 659-4953, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10am-2pm Sun, call for appointment.

PARSONAGE VILLAGE GALLERY See the works of featured artists Vivian Cornwall, a Carmel plein air painter, and Peter McArthur, a landscape photographer, along with other works by various artists. | 19 E. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley. 659-7322.

VALLEY GIRLS Carmel Valley Art Association Grand Opening: CVAA celebrates their new gallery at the Valley Girls Gallery with a show featuring works by member artists Mireille Barmann, Karuna Licht, Warren Poirtras, Susan Whitely and others. Of special note, Jody Royee, Alan Stacy and the Weekly’s own Windy Osborn are featured artists. | 13766 Center St., Carmel Valley Village. 659-2441, Regular hours: 11am-4pm Wed-Sun.

WILD HEART GALLERY Labor, The Land & Love of Country: multiple artist juried show. | 3 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley. 949-283-7070,


BLACKSTONE GALLERY Pigment prints of original paintings by Dan Beck at the winery gallery. | 850 S. Alta St., Gonzales. 675-5341, Regular hours: 10:30am-4:30pm.


SOL TREASURES ARTS AND CULTURAL ENRICHMENT CENTER Group show of artists Ed Avila, Bob Wiley, Savanna Garcia, Regina Garcia, Lewis Carter and Carlos Lopez, in various media, including watercolor, oil and acrylic paint, and colored pens. | 519 Broadway, King City. 386-9809,


ATRIUM GALLERY Sculpture by Richard Mayer and photos by Steve Zmak. | UC MBEST Center, 3180 Imjin Road, Marina. 582-1020.

COFFEE MIA BREW BAR Tara Hendrick Devlin presents travel and close-up nature color photographs printed on canvas. The exhibit runs through the spring. | 250-E Reservation Road, Marina. 384-0148. Regular hours: 4:30am-6pm Mon-Sat.

KENNY CURTIS TATTOOS New tattoo and piercing gallery and boutique houses reams of paintings and prints from underground and student artists, including Art Academy graduate Sarah Weaver, Emerald Mayo, Ammo and tattoo artists Kenny Curtis and Joe Villanpando. ers. | 3074 Del Monte Ave., Suite D, Marina. 883-8435. Regular hours: noon-8pm daily.

MARINA LIBRARY The Friends of the Marina library unveil 25 historical pictures recently donated by the Marina Historical Society to the Friends of the Marina Library. They include old car photos, a 1945 photo of historic Mortimers Bar in Marina, an original photo of the old post office and more, all detailing historic Marina. | 190 Seaside Circle, Marina. 883-7507, 384-3411, Regular hours: Noon-8pm Tue-Wed, 10am-5pm Thu-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat.


ALTERNATIVE CAFÉ IN DOWNTOWN MONTEREY Echo: In one of the storefronts near the Golden State Theatre, the Alt Cafe stages a retrospective that reaches back in time to re-introduce Monterey audiences to the Seaside gallery’s past shows from Eric Joyner, new stuff from Gabe Leonard, Shepard Fairey rare prints, Carlos Villas, Andrew Jackson, David Cho prints, Ron English. It’s up until it comes down, and there will be intermittent hours thereafter, so call for appointment. A slice of Seaside freshness in Oldtown. | Alvarado Avenue, Downtown Monterey. 583-0913,

ALVARADO GALLERY Bixby Bridge. Underwater worlds. Big Sur. The Monterey Peninsula is home to a plethora of treasures, and the exhibit starting today at Alvarado Gallery is a celebration of the well-known, and less obvious, jewels that surround us. Twenty-five pieces by the Independent Photographers group, composed of local photogs, are on display to extol the spirit of Monterey. The works hang until March 29. | Monterey Conference Center, 1 Portola Plaza, Monterey. 646-5648, Regular hours: 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.

ANTON GALLERY Dark until further notice. | 701 Hawthorne St., Monterey. 655-1490.

CAFE 316 Bosnia Redux: Yvonne’s new coffee/meeting spot has one of the best people watching vantages in town, has hosted photographs by Michelle Magdalena and lectures by Laurie Gibson, and is humming with activity. But this photography show by Christian Marechal will step up the creative space as a real contender for serious art and happenings. Back in the ‘90s, the British writer quit his ad man job, drove to Europe and reported on the war in Croatia and Bosnia from 1992-1995 for Marie Claire, the Financial Times and others. “When you come face to face wtih the limitless depravity of men making war,” he writes, “it remakes you into a different person.” He also took pictures. These, from Sarajevo, are the least gruesome, but the most atmospheric of the lot, he says. | Cafe 316, 316 Alvarado St., Monterey. 324-4566, 714-856-2341.

CAFE LUMIERE when i look at the world: Artist Emily Brown creates works of art that pushes the county’s boundaries into urban and contemporary realms. This show displays her vibrant cut paper art and crafts. | 365 Calle Principal, Monterey. 920-2451.

CALIFORNIA VIEWS PHOTO ARCHIVES Thousands of historical Monterey and California photos. | 469 Pacific St., Monterey. 373-3811, Regular hours: 11am-5:30pm Mon-Sat.

CANNERY ROW ANTIQUE MALL Depression Kitchen Exhibition: Tina Martinez displays her “Depression Kitchen,” a collection of green glass, jadeite glass, tins and enamelware from the 1930s and ‘40s. The exhibit will be on display through the end of March in the upstairs gallery. | 471 Wave St., Monterey. 665-0264. Regular hours: 10am-5pm daily.

CHRISTOPHER BELL GALLERY Oils, jewelry, glass art, bronze and more. | 200 Alvarado Mall, at Portola Hotel and Spa, Monterey. 649-0214, Regular hours: 10am-6pm.

EAST VILLAGE COFFEE LOUNGE Works from various artists. | 498 Washington St., Monterey. 373-5601, Regular hours: 6am-closing Mon-Fri, 7am-closing Sat-Sun.

EMILY BROWN STUDIO GALLERY Local Recognition: Urban Art for the Masses. | 700 Cannery Row, Suite SS, Monterey. 559-302-8129.

GALLERY I FINE ART The Cannery Row gallery shows works by Andrew Jackson, and both locations exhibit stone sculpture from Gideon and Agnus Nyanhongo, Toland Sands’ dichroic glass sculpture, and Scottish artist Angus Wilson. | 685 Cannery Row, Monterey. 375-1617, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

HIMALAYAN THANGKA ART GALLERY The Tibetan thangka art in this new gallery next to Youth Arts Collective is done by Santoshi Lama and her family – as it has been for four generations – when they were living in Nepal. Thangka is a highly detailed watercolor art that tells the story of gods and goddesses in Buddhist lore. One must be trained in the rules and discipline just to build up the patience to do this type of art (it can take two to three months, at eight hours a day, for a master to complete one work), and once started, a work must be finished. Santoshi’s father, Pratap Lama, is a master and minds the gallery. Workshops are in the works. | 480 Calle Prinicpal, Monterey. 383-4563, 521-6420,

JOANN DOST GOLF LIFESTYLE GALLERY Golf-related photography by Joann Dost and others. | 2700 Garden Road, Monterey. 375-3678.

MCGOWAN HOUSE A Sense of Place Over Time: photographs. | 381 High St., Monterey. 238-0902.

MIRIAM’S CAFE Margo Mullen brings Back to Basics, a way of life and solo exhibition to Miriam’s, showcasing her 5 x 5 encaustic designs made of objects found in the world around her and embedded in pigmented bees wax. Mullen moved to the peninsula from Sacramento where she then graduated with a Public Art degree from CSUMB. Mullen is deeply affected and inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Monterey Bay. She also dabbles in acrylic, photography and offers her art to public murals including CSUMB’s aquatic center now adorned with a beautifully accurate kelp forest. Margo, continues to blossom as an artist, contributing greatly to the Monterey County art community. | 615 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. 277-5655, 224-2731. Regular hours: 7am-3pm Mon-Sat, 7am-1pm Sun.

MONTEREY CONFERENCE CENTER New Exhibits: The City of Monterey and Monterey Conference Center present three new featured artists at Alvarado Gallery. Bonny Lhotka’s exhibit, Natural Order, features a collection of 3-D images with animation lenticula photos inspired by nature. Jim Edkins’ exhibit, Peninsula Plein Air, uses oil to convey the raw power of nature. Don DeNivi’s exhibit, Sunlit Sights, is a collection of watercolor pieces of landscapes and lighthouses. | One Portola Plaza, Monterey. 646-3770, 242-8743, Regular hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.

MONTEREY CUSTOM FRAMING Photography and drawings of the Monterey area from Jan Trojan, paintings by Marcia Perry, drawings from Coralyn Coble. | 468 Calle Principal, Monterey. 657-9191, Regular hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-3pm Sat.

MONTEREY MARITIME AND HISTORY MUSEUM Eight paintings, including “Town Gossip” by E. Charlton Fortune, that have been in the museum’s collection since 1959. | 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey. 372-2608 x17, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Sun. Donations accepted.

MONTEREY MUSEUM OF ART-PACIFIC The intricate interplay of terra firma and infirma and the life that inhabits both has drawn people and especially artists to the Central Coast since humans first laid eyes on the landscape. Through watercolors, etchings, photographs and painting, Land and Sea: Paintings and Photographs of Monterey and Beyond explores both the urban and natural landscape that defines the Peninsula. The works stretch over several decades, and include a film by Eva Lothar, a French cinematographer whose short film, Street of the Sardine, explores Cannery Row after the last cannery shut its doors and ponders man’s responsibility to the world’s natural resources. The exhibit is rich in history and vibrant in its depiction of this place we call home. It runs through October, in conjunction with an exhibition by Monterey Peninsula artist Pam Carroll, a “trompe l’oeil” (fool the eye) painter who does rigorous portrayals of lemons, seashells or portraits. | 559 Pacific St., Monterey. 372-5477 x101, $5/admission. Regular hours: 11am-5pm Wed-Sat, 1-4pm Sun.

MONTEREY PENINSULA AIRPORT GALLERY Our neat little airport – with its manageable size, stylish restaurant with a view of the runway, and revolving art exhibits – instead of just serving as a gateway to another place, can be a destination in itself. It’s highly recommended for the latest exhibit to grace the upper mezzanine. The Paper Show stars a dozen artists like Eleen Auvil, Carolyn Berry and Douglas Downes who create a fascinating panoply of contemporary paper art in the shape of frogs and hummingbirds to geometric abstractions. Santa Catalina students take suit, with Airborn Paper and Paper Penguins exhibits in the adjoining Youth Gallery. Also showing is the historic Against the Odds: Pioneer Women of Monterey County portraits and stories of influencial women. | 200 Fred Kane Drive, Monterey. 648-7910,

MONTEREY PENINSULA ART FOUNDATION GALLERY All Member Gala: Explosive colors, subtle shades and vivid details flow freely when local artists take the spotlight at the Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation Gallery for a special exhibit featuring something for everyone. Each of the foundation’s members will be showing some of their work, ranging everywhere from landscape paintings, mixed media, photography and sculptures. Enjoy refreshments as you stroll the gallery and chat with some of the featured artists. The show runs through March 15. | 425 Cannery Row, Monterey. 655-1267, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.

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NEVER ON SUNDAY Various works of art, crafts and humorous sundry. | 251 Pearl St., Monterey. 372-1051, Regular hours: 10am-5:30pm Mon-Sat.

ORIENTATIONS FINE ASIAN ANTIQUES Asian art, furnishings, sculptures and artifacts from China, Japan, Korea and elsewhere. Japanese tea lounge service 11am-5pm Sat. | 700 Camino El Estero, Monterey. 655-9766, Regular hours: 11am-5pm Tue-Sat.

PINCKNEY PHOTOGRAPHY Retrospective of the works of Jim Pinckney. | 425 Pacific St., Monterey. 375-1964,

RIP SQUEAK AND FRIENDS GALLERY Various illustrations. | 751 Cannery Row, Ste. 101, Monterey. 643-9999,

SHEILA DELIMONT STUDIO GALLERY New studio gallery. | 700 Cannery Row, Suite BB, Monterey.

STEVENSON HOUSE Monterey State Historic Parks collection. | 530 Houston St., Monterey. 649-7118, 649-2900.

STUDIO ONE Oil paintings by Erin Lee Gafill and silver gelatin prints by Tom Birmingham. | 177 Van Buren St., Monterey. 646-9000.

THE PARLOR Monterey Peninsula’s Hidden Treasures: by various artists. | 542 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. 375-5440. Regular hours: 9am-5pm Tue-Sat.

THOMAS KINKADE NATIONAL ARCHIVE Largest display of Kinkade originals. | 361 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. 655-5520 x108. Regular hours: 10am-5pm daily.

TITUS CONTEMPORARY GALLERY Contemporary art by Mary Titus and others. | Monterey Marriott, 350 Calle Principal, Monterey. 649-4234 x1805,

WAVE STREET STUDIOS Occasional local and visting artists; call for information. | 774 Wave St., Monterey. 655-2010, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily, call for details.

YOUTH ARTS COLLECTIVE Dozens of young artists, aged 14-22, of this non-profit after-school arts studio generates all manner and direction of creative expression. Donations are appreciated. | 472 Calle Principal, Monterey. 375-9922, Regular hours: 3-7pm Fri, noon-4pm Sat.

VENTURE GALLERY Works by various artists. | Portola Hotel & Spa, 260 Alvarado St., Monterey. 372-6279, Regular hours: 10am-6pm daily.

Z FOLIO GALLERY Works of photography by Michael Mendizza; glass by Stanislav Libensky, Jan Exnar, Pavel Juda, Roman Bastl; and jewelry by Magick, Jorge Revilla, Matsu, Atelier Munsteiner, John Kennedy, David Tishbi and others. | 750 Cannery Row, #12, Monterey. 655-9891,


COASTAL IMPRESSIONS STUDIO GALLERY In addition to Moss Landing’s Elkhorn Slough landing the cover of VIA, the AAA magazine, the ocean-hugging hamlet can boast a new gallery to bolster its slow, steady transition from antiquing mecca to artistic outpost. Barry Marshall’s sudio/gallery opened discreetly last month with 50-something of his oil and acrylic landscapes and seascapes he’s painted in the last three years. Marshall lived and painted, variously, in Pacific Grove, Hawaii, Santa Cruz and now Moss Landing. Never far from the ocean, this one, including his work at Chapman Gallery in Carmel. The sign on the old Victorian building still says Moss Landing Mercantile – you can’t buy that kind of aged charm. | 7981 Moss Landing Road, Unit E, Moss Landing. 277-5445, Regular hours: 1-5pm Sat-Sun.

HAUTE ENCHILADA GALLERY UNO Two large galleries and a Victorian restaurant house works by photographer Janice Davis and fine art jeweler Paulette Sousa, with 29 other artists on display. Featured artists include Amy Glover and Teresa Brown.| 7902 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing. 633-5843, 633-3743, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.

HAUTE ENCHILADA GALLERY DOS Newly opened second Haute Enchilada gallery, with works of juried art from dozens of artists, including jeweler Lynn Kask, photographer Craig Lovell, Tomas Spangler, Debbie Delatour, Wm. Lawrence and more. | 7981 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing. 633-5843, 633-3743, Regular hours: 11am-5pm daily.


ARTISANA GALLERY Restructuring: The gallery devotes its space to a solo show of nearly 20 pieces by Tracy Parker. The paintings and reclaimed mixed media works include new geometric paintings informed by architecture – some more abstract than others, but all revolving around issues of development and urban conditions in a “conceptual, diagrammatic study.” | 309 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove. 655-9775, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Sat, by appointment Sun-Mon.

BACK PORCH FABRICS Back Porch hosts an artists receptions for Susan Else. Her Quilted Sculptures will be on display until March 24. | 157 Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-4453, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat, noon-4pm Sun.

BUTTERFLY AND LANTERN The name might conjure images of colorful crafts, provincial pottery and home accents, but don’t let the name fool you. The artists of this gallery – formerly located in P.G., then Monterey, and now back in P.G. – can turn out some innovative, contemporary stuff, like graffiti on cardboard or graphic design-ey abstractions. For open house, they stock their new spot at Lighthouse Square with painted porcelain and Big Sur Jade pottery by Cheryl Watts, and paintings by Colleen Sundquist, Anthony LoShavio, Ami Magill and Joe Davi. | 205 Cypress Ave., Pacific Grove. 655-0303, 333-1396,

CAPELLI SALON This show unveils the photographs of Michael Thomas Kainer, taken in Monterey, New York, Paris and Tijuana, with subjects ranging from Del Monte Skating Rink, people, landscapes, and buildings – a sort of travelogue. | 230 Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. 655-4563. Regular hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Sat

ENCORE BOUTIQUE The Bohemian Underground Artists. | 125 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-1700. Regular hours: noon-6pm Mon-Sat, noon-5pm Sun.

GALLERY AT 417 Works by Vivian Cook and member artists. | 417 Cannery Row, Monterey.

THE LOFT GALLERY Storyteller: Mixed media and assemblage works by Ray Magsalay. It’s joined by other various artists also show. | 208 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove. 655-9887.

LISA COSCINO GALLERY Incite Insight: From the Kingdom of Tonga to the Monterey Peninsula, Bryant Austin has connected with an array of endangered species whale across the globe – staring one female humpback whale square in the eye – to share the most detailed photos of the mammals ever produced. Discover this intimate perspective at his multimedia exhibition’s opening reception, which will also screen the short documentary “In the Eye of the Whale,” detailing Austin’s escapades free diving with the creatures. Mark DiOrio also presents on Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries’ newest project, The Exploration Center, to be built in Santa Cruz. | 216B Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. 646-1939,

LYSAKOV ART COMPANY Form & Freedom: Michael St. Mary of Pacific Grove displays 10 of his sculptures, created over the past 27 years, made from wood, marble and cement. | 305 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-7100, Regular hours: 10am-4pm Tue-Fri and by appointment.

NELSON OCEAN ART OUTLET Robert Lyn Nelson: Recent marine art. | American Tin Cannery, Ocean Blvd., Suite 127, Pacific Grove. 641-0196,

PACIFIC GROVE ART CENTER The Center’s four main galleries fill up with photography; Ed Stone presents “Closer Visions,” a collection of intimate views influenced by Edward Weston, while John Eaton presents a series of photos of English Cathedrals and the ImageMakers, a group 60 photographers, show their eclectic pieces. The provocative pen-and-ink and watercolor works of studio artist Julie Terflinger also go on display. Balancing out all this art, Ginny and the Trio-Vista provide the musical component of the experience. Team Monterey, a joint venture between students at Monterey Institute of International Studies and La Coordinadora from El Salvador, collaborated on an exhibition of photos from the Central American country that they show here. The works stay up until April 8 | 568 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-2208, 277-1344, Regular hours: Noon-5pm Wed-Sat, 1-4pm Sun.

PACIFIC GROVE LIBRARY 1906 San Francisco Fire Sketches: early Carmel artist Mary DeNeale’s pastel and color sketches of post-earthquake San Francisco. | 550 Central Ave., Pacific Grove. 648-5760, Regular hours: Noon-5pm Fri-Sat; noon-7pm Tues; 11am-6pm Tue-Wed.

PACIFIC GROVE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Artifacts from local history is on display, including taxidermied birds, mammals and reptiles, and geographical and native plant displays. | 165 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove. 648-5716, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Sat.

PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS Works by various artists. | 650 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. 210-9593, Regular hours: Noon-6pm daily.

POSSIBILITIES ART STUDIO AND GALLERY Works by S.L. Greek. | 232 Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. 643-9392.

PENINSULA POTTERS A 10 member collective of potters and ceramic artists. | 2078 Sunset Dr., Pacific Grove. 372-8867.

SALLY GRIFFIN CENTER Central Coast Art Association members Mary Alice Hinman-Gifford, Colleen Sunquist and Sally Weil. | 700 Jewell Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-4454, 915-8325.

STROUSE AND STROUSE STUDIO GALLERY Just opened last September, P.G.’s latest creative space puts on a show of paintings, drawings, ceramics, jewelry and photography by a squadron of artists including Rose Sloan, Susan Titus, Steve Clark, Hy Doyle and others. | 178 Grand Ave., Pacific Grove. Free. 647-1068,

TILLIE GORT’S Identically Different: Identical twins Suzette and Suzanne Sayles star in a dual show of their floral watercolors, colorful, organic works that range from calla lillies to sunflowers to roses to onions. | 111 Central Ave., Pacific Grove. 375-4497, 373-0335.

THE WORKS CAFE Works by various artists. | 667 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. 372-2242, Regular hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun.


@ RISK Exclusive Ink: Art sale and exhibition by the employees of Exclusive Ink tattoo shop in Salinas, featuring tattoo inspired paintings and other works. Started in July 2008, the gallery works in conjunction with Dorothy’s Place to organize programs for teenagers and to showcase local street artists. | 14 Soledad St., Salinas. 757-3838, 455-5964. Regular hours: 1-2:30pm Mon, 12:30-2:30pm Tue, 12:30-3:30pm Thu.

GREGORY ARTIST STUDIO Drawings and cartoons by Squid Row creator Bridgett Spicer. | 10 W. Gabilan St., Salinas. 776-3593. Regular hours: By appointment.

HARTNELL GALLERY Chris Winfield, an educated artist from Washington University, displays his most composed collection including highly original paintings filling the visual arts center at Hartnell College. Winfield directed his passion towards constructing a gallery of his private collections for a first attempt at a one-man show. The support of his loving family prolongs his passion for art, creative energy and visual language. Winfield’s artistic inspirations include 5th and 6th century cave paintings from India that have evolved into his delicate,bright colored geometric elements. | Hartnell College, 411 Central Ave., Salinas. 484-2262, 755-6791. Regular hours: 10am-8pm.

NATIONAL STEINBECK CENTER Works by various artists. | 1 Main St., Salinas. 775-4721, Museum admission. Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sun.

ROLLICK’S COFFEEHOUSE Bernadette Carrillo photography show of Alcatraz prison, taken with a Holga camera onto film. | 210 Main St., Salinas. 422-1760, Regular hours: 6:30am-9pm Mon-Fri; 7am-9pm Sat; 7am-8pm Sun.

VALLEY ART GALLERY July Featured Artist: Russian-born Tamara Selyangina shows her watercolors of Monterey County. Many other works of art are displayed, from jewelry to oils to sculpture and more. | 218 Main St., Salinas. 422-4162, Regular hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10am-2pm Sun.


JOHNNY APODACA STUDIO Paintings by local plein air and abstract artist Johnny Apodaca. | 720 Redwood Ave., Sand City. 601-6357.

SWEET ELENA’S CAFE France transplant Elena hosts an art show by four of Sand City’s women artists, including Eleen Auvil’s sculptures modeled after the Egyptian solar barques that ushered souls to the next world; 18-year Sand City resident Suzka’s vibrant abstract paintings (she’s credited with building the first legitimate live-work art studio in the community); Susan Giacometti’s drypoint, collage, watercolor and pencil prints; and Stefani Esta’s three-dimensional wall sculptures and mixed media. | 465 D Olympia Ave., Sand City. 393-2063. Regular hours: 7:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm Sat.

THE CORNER GALLERY Works by Sand City artists. | 1717 Contra Costa, Sand City. 394-6409.

THE WORKS CAFE Pacific Grove artist Maria Poroy opens her solo exhibit Double Vision at The Works. The exhibit uses two different viewpoints, realistic and expressive realism to depict the life and the surroundings here on the peninsula. Her paintings are abstract conveying emotion through colors or subject based. The show is up until Jan. 11, 2010. | 667 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. 372-2242, Regular hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun.


AVERY GALLERY Black History Exhibit: It’s astounding to think that only 46 years ago, the lifetime of many Baby Boomers, African-Americans could not vote in this country. There were heros, big and small, who led the movement to liberate black people from backward white oppression. They helped forged an equal society where a black man holds the reigns of the very country that only 145 years ago abolished slavery. The ongoing Black History exhibit at Avery Gallery at Seaside City Hall celebrates the moments and achievements of a truly extraordinary people who’ve overcome untold adversity. The exhibit features artwork and historical artifacts, namely pictures, that depict black history in the United States. | City Hall, 440 Harcourt St., Seaside. 899-6800, 899-6811. Regular hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Thu.

FRAMES ON BROADWAY A Tribute to Trees: Photographer Ken Doo showcases his photographs of trees in the Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo Nation of Arizona. | 815 Broadway Ave., Seaside. 394-9394. Regular hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm Sat.

RED DOT GALLERY The members of the Seaside-Sand City Chamber of Commerce combine their deep talents to line art in the new space of Red Dot Gallery at Seaside’s City Center. With member-artists like Scott Grover, Craig Hubler and Patrick Orosco on board, the exhibit takes on the dimensions of a local all-star line-up. They launch the new enterprise, at which different artist-members volunteer their time, with a ribbon cutting, live jazz and a wine bar. A refreshing flare-up of culture and fun for Seaside. | 472 Calle Principal, Monterey. 375-9922, Regular hours: 3-7pm Fri, noon-4pm Sat.

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