To Do 03.11.21

Everything is growing whether you planted it or not. Rekindle your pandemic gardening bug and take advantage of the loose soil in your pots, herb boxes and vegetable patches.

FROLIC: in nature.

Whether or not you can fit in some natural wonder during the weekend or your lunch break, spring is one of those times where the seasonal transition is in your face all the time. Get some help from the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. They always have a steady stream of virtual classes for kids and even some workshops for adults. This week follow a virtual art class on Thursday, March 11 ( The class will focus on the most “athletic” of the fish – that’s a shark, by the way – and then end on with a step-by-step guide of how to craft a swimming fish with paper, scissors and glue. After exploring the deep blue sea through screen time, get outdoors as much as you can and keep an eye out for the thousands of species of wildflowers that grow in the area. If you’re a novice, we suggest taking a copy of Rod M. Yeager and Michael Mitchell’s Monterey County Wildflowers – A Field Guide, which describes different species of local flowers accompanied by photographs. Don’t feel like slugging a book along? is a great online resource accessible from your phone.

DIRTY: your hands.

Your vegetable patch, windowsill herb garden and porch succulents all want your attention and now that the sun is out, there’s no excuse for ignoring your gardening projects. If you just started gardening (because of the pandemic), make a list of things you’ve learned and want to make better before hitting a local nursery for supplies. If you have a specific problem, there are local (and virtual) resources for that too, thanks to the UC Master Gardeners. The local hotline to “ask a master” can be found at

STRUT: down the virtual runway.

Another effect of the pandemic (and sustainable fashion movement) is a renewed sense of agency with your sewing machine. Slowfiber in Monterey ( encourages mending as a way to renew your closet, and is now looking for garment makers and menders for their virtual fashion show. Entries must have been created in 2020 or 2021 and can be an entire outfit or a wearable accessory. They also must speak to the Fashion Revolutionary concept of rights, relationships and revolution, which is outlined at The full application is available at Jaki Canterbury, the mastermind behind Slowfiber, will field all entries and will choose some winners. She will also be in charge of curating the local virtual fashion show to the same Fashion Revolution theme later this year, from April 19-25.

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