To Do 03.18.21

Musicians are getting the hang of virtual concerts like Amina Figarova (pictured) and Tammi Brown who play for Gathering for Women.


There is a lot to be hopeful about even amid all the uncertainty. This week, say thank you to the essential workers in your life who help keep hope alive, by gifting them a handmade card or posting thank you notes in your neighborhood. You can think outside of the box too by asking yourself who has been essential in your life. Does that mean sending chocolates to your local fire department for helping vaccinate the homeless? Or is it tipping your favorite barista extra for dealing with customers panic-buying coffee? It could also look like showing up for a group of people, like nonprofits Gathering For Woman and Community Human Services, which will celebrate the grand opening of Casa de Noche Buena, a housing-first shelter for women, from 5:30-6:30pm on Sunday, March 21 with a concert appropriately titled “A Celebration of Hope.” The virtual concert will feature jazz singer Tammi Brown (yes, you’ve seen her before at the Monterey Jazz Festival) and jazz pianist Amina Figarova. Get your free ticket at

OBSERVE: Our Wildlife.

No one really knows if the uptick in animal sightings is because there really is a boom in population, or we’ve just slowed down enough to observe more closely. Either way, wildlife and those who seek to preserve it are having their time in the sun from 10am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday, March 20-21. The Zoom event, co-sponsored by Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD) and Carmel River Watershed Conservancy, brings speakers from local organizations safeguarding wildlife and their habitats. Register and get more details at Or you could of course just pay close attention while you’re hiking on your favorite trail. Don’t forget your binoculars and camera to get a better look.

STICK: Together.

The phrase “together, apart,” has been plastered on all kinds of public health pamphlets. While it’s easy to feel exhausted by ever-changing (and long-lasting) public health orders, it is also easy to feel lonely a year into SIP, particularly if you live alone, or maybe you take for granted the faces in your household. Get intentional with your time with loved ones, whether that means scheduling a talk on the phone with your best friend miles away, a Zoom dinner with your parents or kids just to catch up, or making brunch with your immediate household. Social distancing does not have to equate to no social life.

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