Visuals 01.13.22


Ed Penniman’s still-life work will be featured at Melville Tavern in Monterey (484 Washington St., Monterey), the restaurant owned by his son, Ian Penniman, starting in mid-January. The painting above is titled “Apple Pie II.” The Capitola-based artist writes of his process: “When I see it, I know I want to paint it. Seeing beautifully is a key part of creating engaging and moving artwork. Chouinard Art School taught me as much about feeling art as making art. In the process of creating, there are many things that motivate me. Primarily, I want to share a spiritually uplifting moment with another.” At age 42, Penniman was stricken with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, known as French polio, which left him paralyzed, and he learned to paint in recovery. For more, visit [AP]

Visuals 01.13.22


Born and raised in San Francisco, Jesse Butterfield spent many years living in and exploring areas of natural wonder including the Monterey Bay area, Northern California, San Diego, Sedona, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now, he’s showing his work along with another artist, Anjelica Colliard, in an exhibition titled “Natural Life, Sacred Life” and hanging at Pacific Grove Art Center (568 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove). “I seek to assist people in becoming aware of understanding their inner processes and to re-establish a healthy kinship with the Earth,” the artist wrote. “I feel that a great deal of people are distracted by technology and have lost their connection with the natural world. My work strives to help us rekindle our relationship with Mother Nature, rebalance the way we interact with all of creation, and bring sacredness in every facet of our lives.” For more, visit [AP]

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