Visuals 03.02.23


For the late artist Carole A. Pavlo, her studio was her sacred space, a place of creation and a place to pursue truth, justice, love, and a kinship between all people. Born in 1942, her beliefs were borne out of a lifetime of experience as someone who struggled with gender identification and later faced the challenges of being a woman in the workplace long before the #MeToo movement. Pavlo was determined to redress the marginalization of others with great compassion through her art, which included abstract sculptures, paintings and etchings. Pavlo died last year at the age of 80 and is being celebrated through an exhibition of her work entitled Spirituality, Kinship and the Human Connection, curated by MacArthur Fellow Amalia Mesa Bains and Angelica Muro, chair of CSU Monterey Bay’s Visual and Public Art Department. You can view Pavlo’s life’s work at CSUMB‘s Visual and Public Art Gallery through March 10. [PM]

Visuals 03.02.23


The Pacific Grove Art Center is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition Picking Flowers in Monte Del Lago, by NYC-based painter and stylist Caylah Jean Leas, who is originally from Monterey. The show opens at 7pm on Friday, March 3, and will be on display until April 27 in the Gill Gallery, free and open to the public. Guests are invited to join in a night of art and celebration as they view Leas’ latest collection of paintings. The collection showcases the artist’s style and skill. It captures a unique show of Americana focusing on mobile homes, the communities they support, and the beauty and serenity of the Central Coast of California. The above painting is titled “Auntie Cher and Deliliah.” [AP]

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