Visuals 03.09.23


Local art historian and artist Peter Hiller is hosting a pop-up/off-the-wall showing and sale of art from his two most recent series of images – Paint and Nature/Nature and Paint (diptychs of interacting images) and Through Glass Softly (flowers in their essence). Hiller, a former longtime art teacher, offers medium-sized prints on fine art paper. “Because I love this work, and I want to see it go out into the world,” Hiller wrote in an invitation. “You may take any purchases right off the wall and with you.” The location is Suite #235 between Spencer’s and VIN in The Crossroads, at the mouth of the Carmel Valley off Highway 1 at Rio Road. Two thirds of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank for Monterey County. The sale happens 3-6pm Friday March 10, 1-4pm Saturday, March 11 and noon-3pm Sunday, March 12. [AP]

Visuals 03.09.23


Grace Aniela Wodecki is a Monterey-born, Pacific Grove-based young artist and graphic designer. She does watercolor, oil painting and woodworking. Her show, Traced, opens at Sylvan Gallery in Sand City at 2pm on Saturday, March 11. “Emerging from a season of isolation and grief, I coped with displacement by creating this body of abstract watercolors,” Wodecki wrote in the artist statement. “So much of the world and my immediate life seemed beyond my control and I discovered the comfort in meditatively tracing objects I found within my domestic bubble… In creating this body of work, I found a restored sense of belonging and connection.” The above piece is titled “Paper Clip.” This exhibit is on display until April 8. [AP]

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