Visuals 04.15.21

Randy Tunnell - St.Mary’s


Local photographer Randy Tunnell spent six months in 2018 documenting rabbis and other faith leaders of various religions in a photo series called Facing Faith. Though Tunnell is most recognized for his various ventures into commercial and political campaign photography, Facing Faith is a personal project. While photographing the series, he found the importance of faith leaders in the community both in times of hardship and times of celebration. View his work (with a mask on and socially distanced) at the Sunset Center’s Marjorie Evans Gallery. Limited appointments are available 10am-2pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through April 30. The gallery is located on Ninth and San Carlos, Carmel. RSVP by emailing or by calling 620-2040.

Visuals 04.15.21

Marcia Perry - Found Object Mobile


Youth Arts Collective’s slogan is “Do art. Be Kind.” But that’s not all they do. They’re also an incubator for entrepreneurial skills and a sort of think tank on how to deliver art to more people. Exhibit A: Co-founder Marcia Perry and YACster Raven Cook teamed up to produce a series of art workshop videos available for anyone to follow along. Learn how to make a multimedia collage, make art with hearts, or take all those found objects (sticks, shells, etc.) you pick up on your daily walks or excursions to the beach and let Perry show you how to turn it into a mobile. All of it is available on their YouTube channel,

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