Visuals 05.11.23


The idea of bringing a group of amazing women together to support important local causes was the brainchild of artist René Romero Schuler, who is now inviting the audience for an art-meets-social-justice event titled Women for Women (3pm Saturday, May 13) at her studio (559 Tyler St., Monterey). The event will benefit nonprofit Gathering for Women. “With a collaborative spirit, there is nothing we can’t accomplish,” Schuler wrote in an artist statement. Participating artists include: Monica Johnson, Nicole Cromwell, Miranda Register, Jennifer Perlmutter and Marzena Bukowska. Having experienced homelessness as a young teen on the streets of Chicago, Schuler has persevered and become a force for advocacy. The Gathering for Women is a Monterey-based organization that embodies compassion by helping women to break out of situations of need and homelessness by providing an array of services and necessities that help empower them to succeed. Free to attend; art available for sale. [AP]

Visuals 05.11.23


Benjamin Anderson‘s new oil painting series is now on display at the Carmel Art Association in Carmel. It captures the golden hour in the evening and the afterglow of dawn along the coast of the Monterey Peninsula. As a lifelong jazz musician, Anderson employs improvisation and a musical sensitivity to capture the variable moods of his landscape paintings. Years of plein air studies and artistic improvisation have led to Anderson’s unique body of work, which captures the shifting lighting and offers a range of perspectives, resulting in compositions that are refined yet raw, soft yet hard, and both lyrical and energetic. The above painting is titled “Tidal Decrescendo” (oil on linen). In addition to painting, Anderson is a printmaker, sculptor, author and arts educator. [AP]

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