Visuals 05.13.21

Ingeborg Gerdes - Carol’s place, Ovando, Montana 1996


Since the policy of Manifest Destiny, the Western United States still holds this mythical aura about it. So naturally, it’s photographed heavily. But there are still corners that can never be truly known. Ansel Adams photographed the peaks of Yosemite, yet so much is unexplored. Photographer Ingeborg Gerdes does the same, except her West has a human imprint – agricultural fields and sparsely populated towns, all conveying a sense of awe. In portraits, she portrays people as they are, wrinkled or exasperated or carefree and enjoying the hot summer sun. The late Gerdes’ work is now on display in solo retrospective, Out West, for the Center of Photographic Art, viewable until June 20. Tune in for a virtual opening at 4-5pm Saturday, May 15. 625-5181,

Visuals 05.13.21

Erin Lee Gafill - Kaffee Scraps and Fruit Tin


Monterey Museum of Art is putting textile designer Kaffe Fassett in conversation with his niece, painter Erin Lee Gafill. Chances are, you’ve probably heard of these two and are familiar with their work as solo artists. But they do have a common thread: color. Color Duets shows the pair playing off each other’s creative process and taking turns in each other’s medium. The exhibit also corresponds to the book that Fassett and Gafill released together in the early days of the pandemic. A virtual Monterey Museum of Art opening happens Thursday, May 13 at 5:15pm. $10, free for members. 372-5477,

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