Visuals 05.18.23


As a realist painter influenced by techniques of the Dutch and Spanish masters of the 17th century, Pamela Carroll works to portray truth. Still life is her specialty, solo and group portraits of lemons, sometimes with their performative cousins – limes. They are usually painted on the table, either white with a gray background or made of natural wood. A classic fruit bowl is often present, but Carroll’s realism has a naturalistic thing for flaws: cracks on an old jug, an errant garlic peel, a dying flower. Her works are now on display in Winfield Gallery in Carmel, through May 28. The exhibit includes the above piece, titled “Lemons in Gary’s Bowl.” [AP]

Visuals 05.18.23


“I have come to recognize certain brush marks that I am compelled to make repeatedly from one painting to the next,” painter Kate Warthen wrote in an artist statement. “I see them emerge as a vocabulary, a system of necessary marks whose purpose is unclear even to me.” This is the artist’s own introduction to her exhibit, titled Vocabulary, now on display in the Annand Gallery of Pacific Grove Art Center through June 29. “Lines are refined and edges are sharpened or smoothed until articulation arrives. Color itself – the passion of purple and red, the subtlety of gray – these are the long narrative, the emotion.” Warthen does oil painting and draws on paper. She lives in Monterey. [AP]

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