Visuals 06.10.21

Ben Anderson - Summer Fields


As the oldest art gallery (member-run, too) in Carmel, the Carmel Art Association has made a name for itself for being a one-stop shop to ogle the works of artists from all around the county. This June, they add six more local member artists to that list in their 2021 Inaugural Exhibition for New Member Artists. You may have heard their names before: Ben Anderson, Ann Artz, Sibyl Johnson, Craig Lauterbach, Robin Sawyer and Cindy Wilbur. Whether you’re already familiar with their work or are newly acquainting yourself with their talent, you can see it all in one place for the entire month of June at CAA, located at Dolores between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel. For more information on hours and appointments call 250-3347, or visit

Visuals 06.10.21

Jerry Takigawa - Like goes with like


Ever the forward-thinkers and collaborators, is it a surprise that Carl Cherry Center (at Guadalupe and Fourth, Carmel) is hanging a new exhibition on their walls that addresses the rise of anti-Asian violence and racism? The group exhibition is a study on the collective traumas and history by artists who, by way of their shared but unique ancestry, created several works that challenge and express their identities. Many works pre-date the current response to an outburst of racism and violence. Jerry Takigawa, for example, has been integrating pieces of his Japanese heritage in his collage-style photographs for years as he tried to reconcile his American life with his Japanese heritage. Takigawa’s explorations are displayed alongside artists such as Lisa Solomon, Joe Aki Ouye, Monica Tie, Belle Yang and more, viewable until July 9. For more detailed information, call 624-7491 or visit

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