Visuals 07.09.20

Gerardo Zambrano - Day of Arrival

Gerardo Zambrano

In normal times Gerardo Zambrano creates contemporary oil paintings on canvas. Since the restrictions of Covid-19, he has adjusted to working with wood surfaces. The local artist was set to have his third solo exhibition at the Pacific Grove Art Center, but it has been postponed to January 2021. Until then, he continues to work on his Geometric Series Extended, which includes 16 pieces. He shows off his resourcefulness with the ongoing project and most recently he customized a 40” x 60” piece of birchwood (from Home Depot) and created jigsaw held together with wood glue.”

Visuals 07.09.20

Elizabeth Barlow - Know

Elizabeth Barlow

Carmel-based Elizabeth Barlow is a contemporary painter with a lifelong passion for portraiture. She takes that training and discipline and transfers it into paintings of everyday objects, in an effort to capture what she calls the “symbolism of objects,” both natural and human-made. She is a prolific painter who tends to work with themes, people or changes in environment in mind. Through this method she’s created several series of painting including Portraits in AbsentiaStill Life, and below is one of her “isolation paintings,” titled “Know.” She began the latter when she found a surprising amount of freedom during the pandemic. Her work is set to be part of a show entitled Creative Women in this November at Gallery Mar in Carmel. (415) 350-3524,

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