Visuals 10.28.21

Alicia Meheen - Mountains in Idaho


This Carmel-based artist has long been involved with the Carmel Art Association (Dolores Street between 5th and 6th., Carmel) where she is currently showing the piece featured above – “Mountains in Idaho,” a 12-by-16-inch oil on panel – and others within a group exhibit titled Places We Love. Meheen paints in both oil and watercolor, which she began en plein air with Dorner Schueler in 1963. Her style has emerged through regular, on-location painting and evaluation. “I always want to capture the feeling of being in a place in the moment… sunlight, shadow, breezes blowing, warmth, cool… that’s the plein air experience that keeps me continuing to head outdoors to paint,” the artist says. Meheen’s last show, in July 2020, was titled Fresh Paint. [AP]

Visuals 10.28.21

Sea Seville - Royal Macaw


Sea Sevilla is part of a graffiti group that circulates around the art hub located at The Shop (1271 10th St., Monterey). “I met the owners of this place in 2020 when they started this project, and that’s how I ended up here,” she says. “I’m originally a sculptor, so I guess I’m kind of switching over and this is my debut as a painter,” she adds. Royal Macaw (above, a 10-by-20-inch acrylic on canvas) is part of The Animal Kingdom exhibit, Sevilla’s painting debut. [AP]

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