Visuals 11.03.22


“A 3-year-old girl sits unperturbed by venomous vipers writhing round her – or a gargantuan foot that towers over her. A brown-skinned boy stares at a blonde schoolgirl, his head engulfed in flames. Bedecked in a Nazi SS uniform of gaudy cerise, Hermann Göring stands outside a cage of Mexican immigrants.” With these sentences, Pacific Grove-based artist Edward Corpus starts an artist statement on his solo exhibit now on display in Pacific Grove Art Center. His art is culturally subversive, driven by motifs of social justice and inclusion. “I aim to subvert through visual art what I consider the ‘dreadful normal,’ the passive acceptance by people of desensitization to social injustice,” he continues. 

Visuals 11.03.22


Salinas-based artist and art teacher Carol Lefever is part of Re-Emergence, a group exhibit by Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation, now on display in Pacific Grove Art Center. MPAF celebrates the re-emergence of arts and artists at its all-member exhibition – 39 artists will display their diverse works. Turning the page on the pandemic, these artworks represent a new chapter of creative works. “I paint, make prints and work in clay because it is sensual and marvelous,” Lefever wrote in an artist statement. “I was privileged to teach art at a local high school for 21 years, providing people with access to materials and opportunities to create really beautiful artworks. It’s all marvelous to me; nature, color, substance and story, giving me reasons to design and love living.” 

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