Visuals 11.04.21


This and other pieces by Carmel-based artist Elizabeth Wrightman can be seen from Friday Nov. 5 to Dec. 16 at the Pacific Grove Art Center’s Dyke Gallery (568 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove). “The Friendly Light” is part of Who knocked? The Cat, Covid, Our Dogs, A Green Door exhibit. “I painted four paintings of a cat and a door from Ulysses,” Wrightman – who’s long been inspired by one of the most important modernist novels – wrote about the collection. “James Joyce came knocking (figuratively) two years in a row at my studio door, shedding moonlight on my puppy-dominated path… Covid walked freely in and out of everyone’s stories; it changed studio work for many months, but the studios went on.” [AP]

Visuals 11.04.21


Cindra Brinsmead’s pieces can be seen (and purchased) at the Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation Gallery (425 Cannery Row, Monterey) in the foundation’s annual holiday show, which starts Saturday Nov. 6, and is titled Sparking Creativity. The new show is held in a historic building – an old carriage house that is part of an old cannery estate located across from Chart House and the Monterey Plaza. The gallery showcases over 30 local artists, including new faces. “We get tourists from all over the world,” says artist Anna Krieger, who has been involved with the foundation for years. “Also, we are a unique place that doesn’t judge artists and their pieces because we believe that art is a matter of an opinion.” [AP]

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