Visuals 11.11.21


Guna Hebbar is a Marina-based artist. The piece above, painted in oil, is titled simply “Pacific Grove.” Hebbar paints diverse subjects in oil, water color, acrylic, charcoal and other media in both plein air and in her studio, portraying a variety of subjects such as landscapes, flowers, Indian folk-art paintings, sculptures and yoga-inspired art with her unique perspective. She belongs to many local art groups including the Salinas Valley Art GalleryMonterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association and Central Coast Art Association. [AP]

Visuals 11.11.21


Carmel Art Association (on Dolores Street between 5th and 6th, Carmel) just opened a memorial show that highlights still-life painter Peter Plamondon (1939-2020) and his signature realism style. Above one can admire “Tea Cups on Yellow” (acrylic, 20-by-24 inches). Plamondon’s chief subject was dishware and he was often spotted at local yard sales and thrift shops, searching for new dishes. He would work with everything from porcelain bowls and terra cotta pots to enamelware cups, ceramic plates and saucers, and vases, sometimes monumentalizing them to two or three times life size. According to CAA, he could regularly be found at Trader Joe’s in Pacific Grove, standing near the “new products” kiosk, enjoying the samples and philosophizing with staff. [AP]

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