Visuals 11.17.22


Lynn H. Butler is a New York-based photographer whose images capture the elusive spirit of traditionally holy locales and sacred sites, including in Monterey County on the Esselen Tribe’s land. She recently published a book of photos, Flames Against the Dark: Saving America’s Sacred Sites, with Hayriver Press and Itasca Books in 2022. Butler’s personal approach to mysterious locations, as obscure as they are spiritually potent, results in originality encountered nowhere else. The photo above portrays Tom Little Bear Nason of the Esselen Tribe of Monterey County in a healing ceremony in the roundhouse on the Esselen land. Butler works with slow shutter speeds and various camera movements to document endangered landscapes, animals and cultures. Many of her landscape photographs are taken from the backs of moving horses. 

Visuals 11.17.22


After over 50 years in Chicago, in 2022 René Romero Schuler moved to Carmel and will be continuing her self-taught work in a new studio in downtown Monterey where she recently celebrated a grand opening. With a primary focus on the female form, Schuler’s pieces are a tribute to those who have endured mistreatment and prejudice in any way; she ultimately hopes her pieces offer a story of resilience (including homelessness in her youth). The above piece is titled “Perla.” Schuler’s new location is 559 Tyler St., Monterey. 

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