Visuals 11.18.21


Christine Crozier’s oil paintings are noted for their loose, expressionist brushwork and rich colors. Her award-winning landscape, floral and figurative paintings have attracted collectors throughout North America, Europe and the South Pacific. “Art is always a work in progress,” Crozier shared with the Carmel Art Association Gallery (Dolores Street between 5th and 6th, Carmel). “My greatest joy is the constant process of exploration and discovery that the creation of art requires. I especially love painting figures in the landscape. The light and movement of the landscape is contrasted with still figures, lost in thought.” Above is her piece titled “Of all he Surveys.” [AP]

Visuals 11.18.21


This photographer will host a reception on Friday, Nov. 19, for the debut of her series, “Echoes of Light,” at Fernwood Resort (47200 Highway 1, Big Sur). The series is a collection of unique portrait photography set amid the beauty of Big Sur. Reclusado has always been captivated by the magic of life and the beauty that surrounds her. When she realized photography gave her the ability to capture it, she went to the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Upon graduation, she began a very personal photographic study of nature and her place in it. She has since expanded into unique portraiture, with this series as a result. Her work presents a bold conjuring of nature in which the magic of Big Sur shines through the spirit of the women in the landscape. [AP]


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