JWoww and Snooki 'treat each other like a real family'
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Jenni 'JWoww' Farley and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi treat each other "like a real family".

The 35-year-old TV personality and Snooki, 33, have been able to overcome their on-screen spats on 'Jersey Shore' because they have a "real relationship with each other".

Speaking about their dynamic, JWoww explained: "I think it comes down to having a real relationship with each other, treating each other like a real family.

"We have a sisters chat with just the girls and we talk every single day. I think that's what helps us when it comes to the disagreements, the fights and the bitterness that can happen on reality TV. Because we will always choose each other over cameras."

Similarly, Deena Cortese has welcomed Snooki's recent return to the MTV show, revealing she "didn't miss a beat".

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "She's Snooki, so she had a really good time. She didn't miss a beat, that's for sure.

"It was honestly like she never left. She came back and it was like we were whole again. We were just so happy to have our Meatball back."

Snooki was actually diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this year, with the TV star revealing at the time that she was spending Valentine's Day (02.14.21) on her own.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: "Happy Valentine’s Day! This ones a bit different ... I have Covid. I’ve been isolated in my room since I found out. My family & I have been super cautious & careful, so this is super scary. My symptoms started out as just a bad sinus cold. Headache, Stuffy nose & mild cough. Then I felt super tired and ended up napping all day which made me go get tested. Today i just feel groggy. I ended up losing my taste and smell last night. It’s fricken weird. I had a greasy cheese pizza & couldn’t taste a damn thing. WHAT A SIN. (sic)"

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