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One of many Record Store Day Black Friday (Nov. 27) treats is jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery’s One Night in Indy, featuring six previously unreleased recordings.

Record Store Day Black Friday has been successfully diverting post-Thanksgiving buying frenzy away from Amazon and into local record shops. The stellar RSD exclusives happen at the Peninsula’s vinyl gang of four, Vinyl Revolution (309 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove; 646-9020), Recycled Records (604 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey; 375-5454), Siren Records (527 Ramona Ave., Monterey; 920-2801) and DO Re Mi Music (26135 Carmel Rancho Blvd., Carmel; 625-1229):

Johnny Thunders Daddy Rollin’ Stone EP

The limited edition 10-inch yellow vinyl includes four unreleased tunes from 1978, featuring Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott on bass.

The Sonics Fifty

The Tacoma, Washington fivesome’s monster three-LP package boasts 34 of their garage rock nuggets, including “Strychnine,” “Cinderella” and “The Witch.” A 36-page book and poster come included.

Pharcyde Runnin’

Pharcyde’s mid-’90s classic Labcabincalifornia, produced by hip-hop guru J Dilla gets some RSD love with a blue/clear split 7-inch pressing and a reproduction of the original 45’s cover art first released in 1995. The hidden track B-side “Emerald Butterfly” is a nice treat. The silky backpack rap artifact showcases the South Central quartet’s musicality and stoner sensibility.

For other special music-centric gifts, shopping online doesn’t mean you can’t still feed a local economy somewhere in the country. Three ideas:

Manny’s Children’s Turntable

($89.95;; Nashville) • Rock genius/vinylphile Jack White developed a retro yellow suitcase record player for kids that’s cool enough for grownups. Third Man Records’ three-speed Jensen turntable has built-in speakers, a USB port for converting vinyl to digital and an auto return tone arm. Also available is This Record Belongs To _____ ($17), a vinyl compilation with kid-friendly tracks by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Kermit The Frog and more.

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic by Jess Hopper

($17.95;; Chicago) • The Pitchfork Review editor-in-chief balances a contagious passion – borderline obsession – with spot-on insight in this entertaining assemblage of interviews, essays, record reviews and columns from 20+ years.

USB Portable Record Player

($70;; San Francisco) • Retro meets minimalist-modern in the hipster-tech world with a new kind of record player that resembles nothing like the turntables. Main reason is, there is no turntable. The PRP is a needle and a speaker that clips onto a vinyl record. You have to see – and hear – it to believe it.

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