Bogey Men

The Bogeys say their lives shows are all about fun, energetic music inspiring the audience to dance – and in turn inspiring the quartet of players onstage to have fun.

The Bogeys are the latest in a wave of San Luis Obispo-based music acts to visit Monterey County. And much like other bands from their area, they are genre-bending, energetic and all about having fun.

“We like to make people move,” drummer Josh Hill says. “What you see onstage is going to encourage how you want to feel.”

Hill describes the band’s first performance in 2016 at a Cal Poly open mic night as a “number of cover songs and one original song (‘Entendre’).” Up until that point, the quartet had struggled with how to describe their sound. They take inspiration ranging from ’60s surf rock to ’70s glam and ’80s metal.

“We barely had a name for our band and could not come up with our genre,” says Hill, who also notes that when they first played that one original song, “people start grooving.”

It was then The Bogeys knew that they were on to something.

“We pictured ourselves driving down by the beach and were finally able to answer the question of genre,” Hill says.

That idea of cultivating a sort of Central Coast playfulness not only reflects the landscape of their home, but also became their sound – an undefined genre, like a giddy Black Keys.

Since 2017, The Bogeys have released an EP, Padova Inn, and a pair of singles. This year, they plan to release a new single in April and a 10-song album, followed by a tour in the summer.

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Fernwood marks the first time The Bogeys will play in Monterey County.

“On stage, you’re going to see four guys having a lot of fun,” Hill says. “You will also see how much we cherish the art that we create.”

THE BOGEYS 10pm Saturday, Jan. 11. Fernwood Tavern, 47200 Highway 1, Big Sur. No cover. 667-2129,

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