Piece of Pi

Sound Escape is not just ambient music but aspires to be “psychedelic in the true sense of the word: mind-expanding,” thanks to incorporating lighting, tea ceremonies and meditations.

From the same line of holidays that you may not have known existed, such as Opposite Day, Back To The Future Day and National Hot Dog Day, comes Pi Day. By numbers, 3-14 just so happens to be shorthand for the date March 14 and the circular constant pi. In true psychedelic style, several avant-garde musicians are gathering to exhibit the math formula metaphorically in sonic form – via looping. Word is there will also be actual pie.

Bringing community together to express experimental music and art has been a natural path for Children of the Sun art collective’s organizer, Jake Padorr. He and local musician Jeddy Grant, known as Morticai, are no strangers to the variegated, sonic terrain of ambient soundscaping. They revel in saturated, pulsing rhythms of looped mantras. “Everything revolves around/ something revolves around” is one chant that builds as it loops and fills the space with positive affirmations.

Since Sound Escape’s inception at the Henry Miller Library as an impromptu performance accompanying a dance number, Grant and Padorr have grown their music performance to be more – a space of self-reflection and healing where participants can grow and learn together. Incorporating lighting from Alchemical Lumiere, tea ceremonies, intention-setting meditations and artisan vendors truly transports listeners to a sacred sanctuary.

“It’s psychedelic in the true sense of the word – without any drugs – literally mind-expanding,” Padorr says.

Showcasing their pi-related talents is a lineup of experimental musicians. Morticai creates his ambient loops instrumentally via bass. When he is not performing he is literally drawing circles as an avid spirograph artist. Padorr adds a bit of vocals to what is dubbed “Jambience” – a style of music that blends jam-rock with layered, ambient soundscapes. Jazz bassist and session musician Steve Uccello is outside the usual jazz spots. He loops his upright bass and other instruments to form complex compositions.

Also collaborating is sound-healer Cyrena Giordano, who uses live looping with a focus on her vocals. Her performance leans more towards being a workshop, creating healing overtones for her mission of cultivating a culture of consent. “I love my body/ I love my space/ I love your body/ I love your space” is one maxim from her brand of workshops dubbed “Consent is Love.”

Any way you slice it, the concept is unique.

SOUND ESCAPE PI DAY CELEBRATION happens 7pm Saturday, March 14. The Lab, 3728 The Barnyard, Suite G-23, Carmel. $15. info@thelabarts.com, thelabarts.com

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