Redwood Freakout

Chris Robinson Brotherhood used live performance / attendee footage from 2017’s Freaks for the Festival in their video for “Behold The Seer,” a bright psych-funk number off their recent LP Barefoot In The Head.

In an industry flush with promoters constantly vying for the next Coachella or Bonnaroo, (((folkYEAH!))) Presents founder Britt Govea continues to produce boutique, low-capacity music festivals that focus on quality above quantity.

For Chris Robinson, who co-curates Freaks for the Festival with Govea, the event is like an extension of his ongoing escapade with his psych-rocker outfit Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

“I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do and write songs and travel around with my favorite people,” he says. “Our scene is rad and our fans are amazing. It’s a good trip to be on.”

Throughout the two-day Big Sur gathering, Robinson and CRB are going to unleash four sets of different soundscapes inspired by whatever the members collectively vibe on simultaneously.

“We try to push ourselves into extended territory, extended arrangements, more dynamic and more interesting arrangements,” says CRB lead guitarist Neal Casal. “There’s an element of psychedelia that we’re always trying to explore and further without it sounding forced.”

Casal will also perform two sets with Beachwood Sparks, an alt-country California supergroup that’s been in hibernation for awhile now.

Also on the bill: Oakland’s Howlin Rain’s recently released The Alligator Bride is return-to-form psych-rock fuzz recorded direct to tape.

Ethiopian jazz keyboard master Hailu Mergia, Bay Area prog-rock favorite Once and Future Band and Chicago singer-songwriter talent Ryley Walker will perform a full-band set.

FREAKS FOR THE FESTIVAL IV Noon Friday, Sept. 21 and Saturday, Sept. 22. Fernwood Resort, 47200 Highway 1, Big Sur. Sold out.

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