Garage rock meets ’60s sounds at New Monterey gigs.

Revolutionary Guard: The teenage Shivas summon old-school sound.

Whenever there’s a promising young garage rock band performing in Monterey County, you can usually spot a large man with a Rick Rubin-like beard in the audience taking in the action. That’s Bob Gamber, owner of the Monterey record store Vinyl Revolution. If Gamber’s there, you can bet it’s gonna be a good show.

He’s definitely going to be at the two performances by the young Vancouver, Wash. trio The Shivas this weekend (Saturday’s show is at his record store.)

Featuring Jared Wait-Molyneux, 18, on vocals and guitar, Eric Shanafelt, 19, on bass and vocals and Kristin Leonard, 18, on drums and vocals, The Shivas nail classic garage rock on songs like the five-and-a-half minute “Where Have You Gone To?,” featuring watery guitar and incense-evoking percussion.

“I don’t know how the hell they sound like that,” Gamber says. “That’s straight out of ’65, ’66.”

He’s still pumped about their shows at East Village Coffeehouse and Jose’s last July. “Man, they were so good,” he adds. “They are running straight out the ramps with no toys.”

THE SHIVAS play with SERPICO and THE RUGERS 9pm Friday, Aug. 14, at Jose’s, 638 Wave St., Monterey. $5. 655-4419. They also play noon Saturday, Aug. 15, at Vinyl Revolution, 230 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. Free. 646-9020.

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