Day Trippers

“It’s a good time to be a musician if you have another source of income,” says tech investment advisor/Moonalice founding frontman Roger McNamee (second from left).

Bay Area’s Moonalice (1-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday; Moonalice Stage, 481 Lighthouse Ave.), a Grateful Dead-spirited jam band, has headlined Good Old Days for so many years, the outfit’s psychedelic roots-rock-Americana-blues salad has become embedded into the soul of the annual gathering. Spearheaded by Roger McNamee (guitar, vocals, bass), a genius tech investment adviser who traded his suit and tie for tie-dye and amps, tours with like-minded talent, including John Molo (drums, vocals), Barry Sless (lead guitar, pedal steel, bass) and Pete Sears (bass, keys, guitar, vocals).

“We don’t worry about [making money] because we are making people happy and having lots of fun,” McNamee says. “We encourage creativity around our shows and people contributing their energy to the scene.”

While Moonalice is set to contribute nearly 10 hours of music over the two-day period, over 50 additional musical acts are also scheduled to contribute continuous energy on seven stages throughout the downtown P.G. area (visit for a full schedule).

Meanwhile, if you didn’t make it down to their Big Sur appearance last January, you will have another opportunity to experience the cosmic San Francisco entity Dirty Cello (4pm Saturday; Bank of America Stage, 601 Lighthouse Ave.) At first glance, the core four bandmembers look like unassuming music students from Juilliard or Peabody. All preconceptions are overrun by prodigy Rebecca Roudman and a concept that involves her cello transforming into an electric guitar. The result is a rowdy conglomeration of a setlist that glides from Jimi’s “Purple Haze” to the Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” – and part of a Double Concerto in G Minor by Vivaldi in between. If you dig Dirty Cello, you’ll also want to catch RazzVio (4:15pm Saturday; Monarch Pub Stage, 617 Lighthouse Ave.) a solo electric violinist/singer who uses technology to metamorphosize into a full string orchestra.

A small sample of some of the other acts to check out: Guitars Not Guns (4:30pm Sunday; Goodies Stage, 518 Lighthouse Ave.) and Samz School of Rock (3pm Saturday; Monarch Pub Stage, 617 Lighthouse Ave.) represent local up-and-coming talent. Another “goodie” performing Sunday (at 3:15pm) on the Goodies Stage, Acquire A Cappella, is a co-ed all-vocal UC Santa Cruz group that could put Andy Bernard and Here Comes Treble to shame.

GOOD OLD DAYS happens 9am-5pm Saturday, April 14, and Sunday, April 15. Downtown Pacific Grove. Free. 373-3304,

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