When Robbie Wheeler graduated high school in 1993, he decided to move to Lake Tahoe with his friend Chris Sanchez to pursue a dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. Today, Wheeler and Sanchez are in fact featured in scores of boarding, motocross, surf, skate and skimboarding videos--but it is not because of their free-riding skills. The two are a part of Lavish Green, a four-man rock n'' funk band from Lake Tahoe whose heavy rock sound provides the soundtrack to footage of snowboarders hucking off cornices and surfers hitting the lip.

Lavish Green has been playing around Tahoe for the last eight years, mostly at a small bar called Hoss Hoggs, but occasionally at big casinos like Caesar''s and Nero''s. The band has won over locals like professional snowboarder Shaun Palmer, who donated a stretch limo to the band so that they could tour comfortably. There was one stipulation: Lavish Green could only drive the limo while pulling a trailer.

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The group won another noteworthy fan when Josh Fogerty, son of ''60s rock god John Fogerty, caught one of their energetic performances. Fogerty invited Lavish Green to a recording studio on his father''s estate, where the band recorded five tracks surrounded by Creedence Clearwater Revival memorabilia. Sanchez says the tracks will be included on Lavish Green''s fourth album.

Waste of Time Productions presents Lavish Green, Liquid 8, Low Budget and Call to Ruin at 10pm Thursday at Club Octane, 321 Alvarado St., Monterey. Free. 646-9244.

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