Gunning It

Singer Nikki Carmichael and Stun Gun Jones take a break from practice. The band includes Bruce Mitchell, Jeff Covell, Deven Finnie and Jacqui Sanders (not pictured).

Can you imagine a time in Monterey when you could go see multiple five-piece bands in one night? How about on one stage?

It sounds like a lot to ask, but the members of Stun Gun Jones can make it happen. This fun, eclectic group of musicians has been playing together on and off for almost 15 years. After a recent hiatus they are back and ready to start another roll.

“We want people to get up and dance and have a fun time,” vocalist Nikki Carmichael says. “That’s what we are all about.”

Joining her in sonic union is singer Jacqui Sanders, as well as guitarist Deven Finnie and bassist Jeff Covell, who lends his outspoken falsetto on the high end while holding down the low end instrumentally.

With four voices switching leads and blending harmonies, the group has a wide range of available music to cover. Their comfort base is rooted in the 1970s. However, Stun Gun ventures as far toward the present as the 2000s, covering songs from the Foo Fighters, Coldplay and the Black Keys. There are lots of beloved and readily recognizable­­ – and, highly danceable – tunes in any given set.

That four-voice rotation leaves one voice unaccounted for. Drummer and newest member Bruce Mitchell hasn’t been given a microphone yet.

“We don’t even know if he can sing yet,” Carmichael says jokingly. “We’ve been really focused on our four-part harmonies.”

Sprinkled in the mix of danceable hits are original songs, composed by Finnie and brought to fruition through the collaboration with the band. Driven by classic guitar riffs, heavy rock rhythms and blistering guitar solos, the sound lands somewhere in the realm of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Heart.

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Carmichael is one of the owners of the new pinball hub, Lynn’s Arcade in Seaside. She is no stranger when it comes to entertainment and having fun – and she would be happy to book her own band.

“If it weren’t for sound ordinances in our lease, my band would be playing here every night,” she says.

While Seaside is getting its act together for live music, you can catch Sun Gun Jones in the regular rotation at Barmel in nearby Carmel. And expect the dance floor to be bumping.

STUN GUN JONES 7pm Friday, Dec. 20. Barmel, San Carlos and Seventh, Carmel. No cover. 626-3400.

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