Marina, Monterey

U.S. Air Force veteran Nicque Marina has her first EP on the market. She brings her brand of minimalist music and meaningful lyrics to the new Puma Road tasting room.

Singer/songwriter/actress/model/vlogger – take a breath, there’s one more – and veteran Nicque Marina performs a blend of pop and minimalist R&B. The busy performer juggles a hectic New York lifestyle – from modeling in New York’s Fashion Week events to singing and performing in the heart of New York’s theater district. And she has been doing this around the world for years.

Her recent EP Growing Pains opens with a siren-like swell of vocal harmonies, changing colors to a duo of piano and a verse, painting a lucid, picturesque heartbreak. An 808 beat drops, the vocal swell returns and the song hits the pop anthem realm. The second track, “Mascara,” brings you to the club with heavy influence from hip-hop, electronica and dance music. Her vocal performance is explosive as the voice of a brave, emboldened women dismissing being objectified and underestimated.

Marina’s visit to Monterey is because of her time in the military. She will be visiting her best friend from the service, who is stationed here. Being the chaotic creative that she is, it was natural to book a show while visiting.

She kept active in military as a singer and dancer for Air Force Entertainment in the group called Tops in Blue – a team of officers that travel the world performing pop hits.

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You can find Nicque active on YouTube, vlogging about her struggles and gains as a 27-year-old navigating a creative journey. She’s currently lending her voice on the record Sounds Like Freedom published by Ninja Punch Music, a veteran-owned record label that publishes music from active-duty and veteran musicians. You can find her first EP, Growing Pains, most places you download music.

NICQUE MARINA 6pm Puma Road, 281 Alvarado St., Monterey. No cover. 747-1911,

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