Muse(ic) 12.17.20

What song do you listen to wake you up?

Song: “Mist” by Joan Butler Trio

I’m not a morning person. I cannot do lyrics in the morning. I am the literal manifestation of don’t talk to me before I had my coffee. “Mist” is a song that is very Celtic with really driving energy that is somehow simultaneously exciting and hopeful. It begins with a riff that starts out really hopeful and in a pattern like I would play on the violin, but on the guitar instead. Joan Butler is an amazing guitarist. It starts out hopeful and then it moves into these very driving and more ambitious parts. It’s the song that makes me think of what a morning is to me. Moving through a morning, I always want to start the day with hopefulness before I get down to the nitty gritty, and I think that’s what the beginning, riffing along with the very driving sections of intensely fast-moving guitar, do.

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