Muse 08.12.21

Question: What song has the best guitar solo?

A: “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix

Off the top of my head it’s “The Wind Cries Mary,” by Jimi Hendrix. Sometimes people think faster is better, just like bigger is better, but sometimes slow is better. Sometimes it’s not about the notes that are played but the ones that are not. It’s like how my favorite painter is Cézanne. He left so much out of a painting that was intentional. It’s the same thing with a guitar solo. To me, it’s really beautiful. And of course, I think the coolest mural [in Sand City] is the one of Jimi Hendrix. He has a local tie and he really became famous in Monterey.

Steve Vagnini has been promoting music on the Monterey Peninsula for over 40 years, heavily involved in festivals like the West End Celebration. He is currently the national chair for nonprofit Guitars Not Guns and is also an elected official as the county assessor/clerk/recorder

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