Brunch Blitz

Dan Beck (second from right) and wife Trish Sullivan run Salinas 411, a specialty shop with vinyl records, vintage toys and more.

Don’t expect any flat facsimiles of The Rat Pack, Perry Como and Harry Belafonte during this Sunday brunch. But those don’t match inspired dishes like Sicilian eggs Benedict or Nutella-stuffed French toast anyway.

Since Giorgio’s at 201 Main kicked off its version of brunch on its fire pit-laden patio about nine weeks ago, the Dan Beck Band has served up around four hours of original music every week.

Beck’s music combines blues, jazz, folk, classical and beyond – none of his songs have a straight rock and roll beat. His unique finger picking almost evokes a classical guitarist, and Beck’s compostions are vibrant yet atmospheric, making it work as both background music or the main show. Though he’s rarely been accused of sounding like another artist, Beck’s songs are definitely coated with recognizable influences. 201 Main diners are constantly approaching him after songs asking, “What is that? I know I’ve heard that song before.”

“I don’t think so,” Beck replies.

Joining Beck are Stephanie Woehrmann on bass, Tyler Reilly on violin, Dave Prentis on drums and Robert Rosett, whose son Ben is the drummer of local prog rockers Strawberry Girls, on Chapman Stick and winds. The outfit has over 35 years worth of material.

“River of Emotion” is part unobtrusive flowerchild rock ala Jefferson Airplane, part intricate jazz arpeggios. “Love is Beautiful” is an intimate soundtrack for a tender, but casual slowdance drenched in sentiment. It’s one of a few songs that Beck wrote to go along with poems that were written by his wife, Trish Sullivan, who originally penned them at 16.

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“When I first read the [poems] I started to hear music playing in my head,” Beck explains. “Some of it is embarrassing to [Sullivan], but I love it and the band loves to play it.”

DAN BECK BAND 11am-3:30pm Sundays. Giorgio’s at 201 Main St., Salinas. Free. 594-1799.

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