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Tedrow and the Good Intentions make their Monterey debut.

Calling themselves a musical collective and a social club, Sacramento-based Tedrow and the Good Intentions revel in modern-day ballads with gritty, soulful lyrics and a catchy, youthful exuberance. They display vocal qualities reminiscent of Tom Petty, and violin work which evokes Alison Krauss, redefined in an indie folk pop groove – think The Oh Hellos, Iron and Wine and Of Monsters and Men.

The band’s name can be an enigma, as Tedrow can mean a special kind of concertina, a small northern Ohio town, or a mid-20th century actress named Irene.

Lead vocalist Marcus Leonardo was quick to clarify. “It’s a family thing,” he says. “Tedrow is [fellow band member] Trevor [Ingram]’s middle name; it’s also his mom’s maiden name.”

Boasting a decade-long friendship, Leonardo and Ingram circled one another for five years in Southern California, with Leonardo gigging in heavy rock groups, while Ingram worked the ska circuit, until October 2014, when the group formed.

“We always wanted to play together,” Leonardo says, “but it didn’t come together until we both left playing music for the security of day jobs and then missed it so much it drove us back together.”

Together with Ingram’s wife and violinist Sheri Ingram, the three players form the core of the group’s membership, which often expands to include a rotating number of four or even more players, hence the moniker “collective.”

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Trevor and his sister Melanie both grew up in Monterey County, and are excited to return. “None of us have ever played Monterey before,” Marcus says, “so the gig will be our local debut.”

Melanie, who plays mandolin and sings, will join in along with new bassist/guitarist Nelson Miranda, covering their first studio effort (a recent five-song EP) and the debut of an entirely new song.

TEDROW AND THE GOOD INTENTIONS 8pm Saturday, June 25. East Village Coffee Lounge, 425 Washington St., Monterey. $7. 373-5601,

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