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@carriechugg tweeted, “@questlove hey Roots, my husbands Monterey baseball team is short some players, who wants to play before the show tonight?”

What would have Tweets looked like from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival?

We’ll have to wonder. But, as 2014 closes, we peek back at what crowds were saying about the Monterey Jazz Festival, the ever-expanding Cali Roots Fest and the First City Festival:

Monterey Jazz Festival:

@KUSP: Grass + Jazz = Grazz.

@toni_wynn: Delfayo and Dad Marsalis swinging Sesame Street theme.

@Ms_Krista: SIGN FROM GOD: @questlove + @TheRoots + @lisafischersing on same bill.

@ronin_Rick_sKye: @questlove if you and the roots crew are in Monterey stop by Post No Bills. Beers are on me!

@yoshi140: @JonBatiste may very well be “the Hendrix of” #Melodica.

@GarbagePaleKid: @theroots obliterated the stage at the #MontereyJazzFestival tonight. Half the gray-hairs left ASAP. The other half danced their asses off!!!

California Roots Festival:

@LetsSmokeLoud: Kief, cookies, & Cali Roots! #cannabis #cookiessf.

@lisayamani: After being exposed to 2nd hand smoke at the #CaliRoots2014 I can barely keep my eyes open, lol!

@FlowLife_Ent: We watched a kid get super stoked on some leftovers.

First City Festival:

@showbams: “If you’re ever wondering what its like in a Russian nightclub in ’91, this is it right here!” @beck

@PuddlesPityP: I’m honored to be a Junior Officer with The Monterey Police. Grab life by the moments! #onions

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@TheOwlMag: Saturday at @FirstCityFest gave us one heavenly present: @beck and bumper cars!

@The_National: This spot right here is where Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire and smashed it into the stage.…

@jimthecritic: I don’t want to be how they want me to be, @best_coast woulda been huge in the John Hughes era.

@skwulf: Puddles Pity Party. The only clown I’ve ever liked.

@bhardman: @FirstCityFest not recommended for pregnancy. Whoops.

@katiethug: never seen a more emotional performance than @futureislands.

Other shows had Twitter highlights (twilights?). When Willie Nelson appeared at Sunset Center the venue (@SunsetCenter) chimed in with “@willienelson has an armadillo on his sound board.” But the top tweet of 2014 came with TV on the Radio’s Henry Miller Library show and @thetens: “If I had one trip in a time machine, sure, I’d go back and kill Hitler or whatever, but man, that @tvontheradio show in Big Sur last week.”

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