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Ben Herod, left, plays sax, clarinet and flute; Ryan Masters is a vocalist and guitarist. The duo’s new spinoff, Herodotus Fishgoat, makes its third live appearance this week.

You may have heard Ryan Masters and Ben Herod as part of The Suborbitals. The two are known for their jocular bass lines, seductive sax solos and zany lyrics. Now the veteran musicians have joined forces yet again, this time as a whimsical duo that goes by Herodotus Fishgoat.

The pairing is a spinoff of The Suborbitals, an eclectic unity of Masters’ and Herod’s uniquely opposite personalities that flow into a cohesively intuitive performance and sound – the refined stylings of Herod’s multi-instrumental jazz and Masters’ intellectual way with words. And they are happy to launch into acoustic renditions of songs from The Suborbitals’ 2018 album, Hey Oblivion!

Comparisons to The Suborbitals may be uncomfortable. The band is difficult to pin to any other band or genre. It’s the same with Masters and Herod as Herodotus Fishgoat. Although under a new name, the duo will transport you into another time and place that feels oddly familiar – yet at the same time unknown and unexplored. Their first two performances had an edge of sophistication that gave focus to their wit while allowing Herod to take off on bewitching instrumental rides.

The pair has always been engaging onstage. In Hey Oblivion!, the band was able to match that vibe in the studio. They are currently working on new material and a possible EP for the near future that properly mirrors their poetic nature.

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Herod regularly showcases his jazz skills on Thursday evenings at Cibo Ristorante in Monterey. He joins Masters (of Santa Cruz) for their third appearance as Herodotus Fishgoat at East Village Lounge on Dec. 28.

HERODOTUS FISHGOAT 7pm Saturday, Dec. 28. East Village Coffee Lounge, 498 Washington St., Monterey. No cover. 644-9811.

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