ITK 06.21.18

Goodies Delicatessen is part of downtown Pacific Grove’s history. Miriam Jung is the third owner, and has been behind the counter for 17 years. Her predecessor operated Goodies for 11 years. However, the city recently approved a developer’s proposal not just to renovate the building – an old gas station and garage on Lighthouse – but to restructure the location into a multi-story mixed use facility. (The property will go on the city’s water wait-list before the project gets built.)

Jung’s lease ends in October. She says a decision will be made on keeping the deli in the building plans later this summer, at which point she may renegotiate a lease. The deli has been an important part of Jung’s life, even causing her to move from Marina to Pacific Grove. Of her time at Goodies, she says 17 years went fast.

Weekly: How do you explain the deli’s longevity?

Jung: We’re the only one. And we’ve kept it fresh, kept our promises with our customers. The salads are done in house. Everything is premium.

What is the most popular sandwich?

We have 32 sandwiches. I was going to get rid of a couple of them, but every sandwich is someone’s favorite, so I can’t. Chicken is number one – the chicken sandwich and chicken salad.

When you heard about the city’s decision, what did you think?

I thought it was good. This building needs renovation – I like that they want to renovate. I didn’t know they were going to put apartments on it. I love P.G. A lot of things are changing and sometimes we need to change.

What will you do?

If we have to move, we will move – or retire. It’s been 17 years. If I retire and someone wants to take over, I’m willing to teach the next owner all that I’ve learned.

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