Sips 09.19.19

Guess which parlor routinely wins the Weekly’s annual Best Of Monterey County readers’ poll in the milkshake category? CHOMP.

That’s right, the little cafe inside Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. No, people are not dying to go there, but the treat is quite popular – thick enough to hold a straw upright, even down to the last few sips, and thin enough that you can actually use said straw.

A lean vanilla note vies with a fresh, clean drape of milk, with just enough butterfat to hold the concoction together. So it’s cold – refreshingly so – without being heavy, reminiscent of the ice cream parlor favorite of the ’50s.

So the shake does everything a good shake should do, which is to make you smile and perhaps reminisce. But it also showcases the choice of ice cream, in this case from the Glenview Farms line.

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The only thing that could possibly make this shake better is to up the ice cream brand ante by a few bills. And work on presentation (the fat paper straw is nice, but a plastic cup?). Oh, and maybe add some heavy cream… although the doctors might frown on that.

FOUNTAIN COURT CAFE, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula 23625 Holman Highway, Monterey. 624-5311,

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(1) comment

Sabine Wecker

Nothing will beat the old Orange Whips they used to have in the olden days though!

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