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Duane Shima had an “office gig” – marketing – for several years. He spent much of his spare time brewing beer at home.

Eight years ago, Shima traded hobby for profession, opening Bottoms Up, a homebrew supply store in Seaside. He also supports the annual homebrew festival (coming May 2), which he says gives you an idea of just how many people are involved in the hobby locally and regionally.

Of course, Shima continues to make beer at home.

Weekly: Why brew your own beer?

Shima: Because it’s fun. I think what people who don’t brew don’t get is that a home brew is just like home cooking.

What’s the hardest part?

Patience. The first part of it is cooking. You are boiling and it’s pretty easy. Once it’s fermenting and then you get it bottled, it’s like “when can I try it?”

Any major disasters?

Oh, man. Beer on your ceiling from extremely active fermentation – that’s about as bad as it gets. I’ve seen people put it in their closet and – boom! – it’s all over your wife’s clothes. Not good.

Do you ever just grab a Bud Light?

Not often. But I will say that when you go to a rodeo and they have Coors, you drink Coors.

That must hurt.

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Not having beer hurts more.

How about your favorite style?

I enjoy hoppy beers. I’ve been a fan of IPAs for a long time. Of course, now you see 18 taps and 14 of them are IPAs.

What do you think of the local beer scene?

It’s untapped when you look at what’s happening to the north and south of us. But it’s a breath of fresh air to have local breweries. The breweries – there’s so much good beer. They’re a good addition.

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