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Colectivo Felix isn’t a restaurant in the traditional sense – it’s a roaming supper club hosted by Chef Diego Felix and his wife, Sanra Ritten.

Felix was a culinary celebrity in Argentina, frequently snatched up to cook private dinners. Two years ago, he moved to California and resurrected his popular dinners as a traveling pop-up. “In Argentina, a colectivo is the public transportation. The idea of Colectivo Felix is to invite people onboard to be part of this,” he explains.

Felix’s culinary caravan is coming to town Sunday, May 6 with a three-course pop-up dinner at Il Grillo in Carmel at 5:30pm. Dinner is $50, with wines available for purchase. Visit for more information; tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Weekly: What inspired your Colectivo Felix supper club?

Felix: In 2007 we opened the doors of our house in Buenos Aires to showcase our culinary investigations around South America. One night a customer invited us to cook at his home in New York City and the Colectivo Felix concept began. During winter – summer here – we came to the U.S. on a cooking tour visiting all the big cities, bringing chef friends and our family in a culinary gypsy collective.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve hosted a dinner?

We did an entire tasting menu from a small kitchen inside a boat that was in the middle of a farm in Northern California. I don’t know – and never asked – how did that boat get there?

What’s been your favorite city to host Colectivo Felix?

New York. But I want to host more dinners on the Central Coast. It’s almost impossible to compare the produce, the fish, the mushrooms, and everything edible that Northern California has to offer. This area is blessed.

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