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Roy's does a range of sausages including jalapeño-jack and chicken-artichoke, but his mild and spicy Italian-Swiss remain the top sellers. 

TAKE A TRIP… You can’t travel right now during strict stay-at-home orders, but you can go around the world in 80 meals – think of it as a travelogue for your stomach – right here on the Central Coast. We begin in Switzerland with a visit to Roy’s Swiss Sausage Factory. The full butcher offers mild and hot Swiss sausages but also has unique flavors such as chicken Chardonnay and artichoke sausages. Open daily. 40821 E. Cherry Ave., Greenfield. 674-2070,

STAYING IN NEUTRAL TERRITORY… Pick up some post-sausage blintzes at Little Swiss Cafe. They serve their sweet cheese filled blintzes with sour cream and jam on the side. They also offer a full lunch and breakfast menu. Sixth and Dolores, Carmel. 624-5007.

A MEAL IN A POCKET… Next, Paraguayan food at Cafe Guarani, which offers a range of empanadas – the pulled pork is delectable – but they don’t want to leave anyone out and have vegetarian and gluten-free styles too, including a blue cheese special. Get a caffeine boost with yerba mate. Open every day (except Wed). 111 Central Ave., Pacific Grove. 747-1551,

POCKET VARIATIONS… Visit the Mediterranean at Paprika Cafe, where they make their falafel from scratch. They’re now offering a dinner deal (to-go, of course) with two dinners plus a box of their unrivaled baklava starting at $33. Pick from pita-wrapped delicacies such as gyros and shawarmas. Side dishes include vegetarian dolmas, spinach pie and other delights. Open daily. 309 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. 375-7452,

WORLD MARKET… Hong’s Market has been in business since 1979, and specializes in Korean goods including kimchi, small side dishes known as banchan and marinated meats. They also have cans and bottles of berry – and peach-flavored sake. Ready-made meals include Japanese fried chicken – all you need to do is heat it up. 302 Carmel Ave., Marina. 384-6343,

WHEELBARROW FULL OF TACOS… How about ordering tacos by the dozen? Lalo’s Grill offers quesobirria and birria tacos starting at $60 for two-dozen. If you’re extra ambitious, go for eight-dozen (that’s 96!) for $240. So many tacos, so little time. Based in Soledad. Find them on Instagram @Lalos_grill, or call or text 831-673-9295.

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