Morsels 03.25.21

BBQ AND YOU… In Spreckels, the T&A Cafe is reopening with new owners. The previous owners, Don and Cheryl Ferch, have retired and now the new crew – Heather and Justice Kleinfeldt – are having a grand (re)opening on Friday, March 26. Their menu has classic California barbecue options, such as tri-tip and pollo asado sandwiches. Veggie lovers also have options with their Shroom Sandwich, featuring portobello mushrooms with aioli. Stop by to get a bite at 1 Harris Road, Salinas,

TEA PARTY… In Salinas, Sabrina Marie makes tea bombs. Here is how it works: Tea is encased inside a globe made out of sugar. You then put it in a cup, pour hot water over it, let it dissolve and steep – then sip and enjoy! She makes her tea bombs in the shapes of hearts, flowers and diamonds, with a variety of teas. You have to see them yourself to appreciate them. She also has michelada bombs, which, yes, you pour beer over. All of these are $5 and make for fun gifts. Order at

HIGH TEA… Speaking of tea, Chef Karen Anne Murray behind Eddison & Melrose has released a cookbook: Tea Table: Inspiring Creations from California’s Central Coast. And conjure inspiring creations is exactly what Murray does. 601-4851,

CHURROS FOR A CAUSE… High school student Maria Acuña-Rodriguez wanted to save up money for college. With the support of her family, she turned to making and selling homemade churros as a way to do it. She offers heart-shaped churros, churro cheesecake, churros with chocolate sauce, churros with ice cream etc. A dozen starts at $12, and it comes with a dipping sauce. Find her menu and order at

SANDWICH HORIZONS Coffee shop Captain + Stoker is coming out with some new menu items, expanding beyond avocado toast. On the sweeter side, they’ll have a chia seed pudding with mixed fruit making for a healthy and flavorful combo. On the savory side comes a new sandwich. Using a baguette by the bread masters at Ad Astra Bread Co. in Seaside, they add prosciutto, sharp white cheddar, arugula, dijonnaise and then they conveniently put all of those ingredients between the bread. 398 East Franklin St., Monterey.

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