Morsels 06.25.20

KEEP ON TRUCKIN’… Monterey Spring Fest has evolved into Monterey Summer Fest, moving from April to Saturday, June 27. It’s a day full of live music, artisan booths and food vendors, from 10am-6pm at Custom House Plaza. Admission is free, masks required (except when you’re actively putting Rogue Pye, Scrumptious fish ‘n’ chips or J&K beef jerky in your mouth), sunscreen is advised. 345-2006,

THE SHOW MUST GO ON… In the middle of a pandemic, Paper Wing Theatre relocated to 711 Cannery Row. What does this have to do with food? The new digs come with a kitchen and plans for dinner theater performances. Until the theater part can resume, they’ve opened for takeout with “Dinner and a Show To Go,” offering classics like a picnic box with fried chicken, cole slaw, corn and mashed potatoes ($49/four servings). Open 11am-6pm Sat-Sun. 905-5684,

MOVERS AND SHAKERS… Edgar’s Restaurant at Quail Lodge is moving from the Clubhouse to the Lodge and is opening in its new location on Friday, June 26. The move will enable them to accommodate social distancing guidelines, with more outdoor seating. Everything else is staying the same. Open 4-8pm Friday-Sunday, 620-8860,

OIL STAIN… Given the state of the world, I hate to bring you bad news, but aUC Davis study found that 82 percent of avocado oil sold in the U.S. is either rancid or mixed with other oils. Unfortunately, amid a lack of standards, words like “pure” and “extra virgin” mean absolutely nothing when applied to avocado oil. The surest way to get quality avocado oil remains the time-tested tradition of holding an avocado and squeezing really hard. Good luck.

WINDOWSILL GARDEN…Speaking of making your own avocado oil, here’s something far more practical: Grow your own avocados. Or sprout new celery stalks or new lettuce leaves from spent groceries. These are a few rooting tricks with fun payoff during the pandemic, and all you need is a small dish of water and sunlight. (They are also relatively instant gratification, except for the avocado pit which takes roughly a month to sprout and another decade or so to make new fruit. By then, we should be done with SIP.)

FAREWELL, HOLLY’S…While we’re on bad news: After 15 years of dishing up hearty breakfasts, Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe in Pacific Grove has closed for good.

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