Morsels 12.31.20

NEW YEAR’S TREATS… A good way to celebrate your New Year’s resolutions is by eating a lot of pastries. (Trust me.) Check out Bees Knees Bakery run by pastry Chef Jeanne Brooks, whose offerings include Meyer lemon poppy tarts topped with a swirl of meringue, pecan bourbon tarts and the intriguing Kabucha Cognac Pie. Pre-order special items at or visit them from 10am-2pm Sundays at the Carmel Valley Farmers Market, , 9550 Carmel Valley Road.

DUCK, DUCK, EGG… The McFam Farm offers products you may not be able to find in grocery stores, including farm-fresh duck eggs, with label directions on cooking the behemoths included. They also offer fresh meat, including chicken, quail, duck and rabbit. See what else they have at and also find them, you guessed it, Sundays at the Carmel Valley Farmers Market.

POPPING CORKS… If you’re interested in some bubbly for New Year’s Eve, try some locally made sparkling wine. Pick up a single vineyard Brut Rose from Saber, grown at Scheid’s Mesa del Rio Vineyard. They say their secret ingredient is the Dolcetto grape from the Piedmont region of Italy. Good news, at a reasonable $30, it won’t hit your pocket book too hard.

OR, GO BIG… .If you’ve recently fallen into $600 due to a bank error in your favor (thanks, Congress!), go a little bigger with a bottle from Scheid Vineyards. Look for their Isabelle sparkling wine. The price for a bottle ranges from $50-$75, depending on the vintage. Check for more intel.

MORNING MICHELADA… When you wake up New Year’s Day, have a healthy tomato-based drink. Salinas-based Micheladas Pinche Frisko makes a michelada mix – all you have to do is add beer. They also make a chamoy dip, which is a sauce for the rim of your cup to add to the flavor. Don’t forget to salt the rim! They take orders at

RISING TO THE OCCASION… His name is Otto. His game is bread. Otto’s Bread Co. is a one-man operation in Monterey County focusing on pandemic-popular sourdough bread. He’s got jalapeño-cheddar, olive herb and goodies like sourdough croissants and pretzels. Find him at; he has a cottage food license and posts his menu every Sunday.

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