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The Butter House owners, Benny Mosqueda and his wife Susan, have known they wanted to open up a restaurant of their own for years. They’ve both worked in the restaurant industry in almost every position. In fact Susan Mosqueda has been writing down her husband’s recipes from dishes he would make for family gatherings for over a decade. So when the Seaside residents saw a space for sale they decided it was time to pursue their dreams with a kitchen focusing on breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Weekly: Why not a lunch and dinner place?

Mosqueda: I love breakfast. It’s a nostalgia thing. Sitting alone or with family. It’s the first meal of the day, where a lot of families get together and spend time. I have very good memories of breakfast with my family.

How did you decide on the name?

Everyone loves butter. It’s a comfort food, it makes people feel at home.

Is there anything that butter doesn’t make better?

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I can’t think of too many things. Though I saw someone put butter in their coffee as part of the keto diet and that kind of surprised me. But to each their own.

What’s on the menu?

Breakfast food mostly – American Classics with a little Polynesian, Mexican and Filipino twist. We have the loco moco from Polynesia and fried chicken and waffles from the south, along with some California cuisine. We have a great variety of comfort food.

You now have your own restaurant. What has been the most fun?

Seeing people satisfied and blow away at the ingredients or recipes. Getting feedback from patrons. But also spending time experimenting with our chefs and getting their input. It’s fun to consult on the food and perfect the recipes.

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