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The Breakfast Club in Seaside has a regular, devoted community around their homey breakfast and brunch cuisine. James and Tami Newton, owners for 28 years, enlisted their family to help them get their start, and it’s remained a family place. Kitchen manager Erubiel Bibiano has been with the Newton family’s businesses for 11 years. A cousin, Tisha Palma, has waitressed there ever since the restaurant’s opening. It’s been so long, she says, that she’s watched children she’s served grow up and start bringing in kids of their own.

Weekly: How did you start working at the Breakfast Club?

Bibiano: I used to work at Phat Burger [previously owned by the Newtons].

Palma: My cousin owns the restaurant. Her sisters and I would all come in and help, and it became my life too.

Who’s responsible for the retro-rustic design?

Palma: A customer that came here for 20 years actually did all the murals and paintings on the walls.

What’s the best thing on the menu?

Bibiano: Everything I make.

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Palma: Everything he makes is fantastic. The customer favorites are the omelets and eggs benedict.

Some of the menu items have proper names. Where do they come from?

Palma: The previous owners were named Ron and Ken, so we kept the omelets named after them. Jessica and Jackie are the owner’s daughters, so those are sandwiches on the menu.

Has the menu changed much?

Palma: We have actually kept the menu pretty consistent for 28 years, with a couple additions. And the regular customers are still able to order things that we’ve taken off, because it’s their thing.

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