Taste 01.09.12

Lemongrass Seafood Bar & Grill

Enter any Thai restaurant and odds are many diners gravitate first to noodle dishes like the classic Pad Thai. You can’t blame them – it’s delicious. But in the spirit of embracing that “new year, new you” spirit, maybe it’s best to get out of that comfortable gastronomic chair onto a culinary road less traveled, such as the three-flavored fish from Lemongrass Seafood Bar & Grill in Moss Landing.

This dish hits the classic flavor profiles with its sweet, sour and spicy sauce that lives up to the name “three flavors.” It brings to mind a sour tamarind, seething red chilies, and a hint of sweetness that leaves your palate wanting more.

According to the server, the fish is the catch of the day from nearby Moss Landing Harbor – in this case, a freshly caught cod dipped in flour then lightly fried. If you like a little kick, ask for it to be cooked extra spicy. Still not spicy enough? The liquid chili sauce adds some heat while not taking away from the chef’s three-flavored intent – the heat is intended to enhance, not obliterate.

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But add enough of that spicy sauce, and you’ll be glad that the lunch special comes with rice to cool things down.

LEMONGRASS SEAFOOD BAR & GRILL, 413 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing. 633-0700.

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