Everyone’s holiday gift budget is different – maybe you’ve got lots of gifts to buy, maybe you’re just trying to save. But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to give up the joy of giving unique and thoughtful gifts. Local businesses offer all kinds of items at reasonable prices – from sweets to art supplies. Or, think outside the box and go searching for a truly one-of-a-kind present at one of the county’s secondhand stores.


Last Chance Mercantile

For the vintage goods enthusiast

A one-of-a-kind treasure – think furniture, art, housewares and more – from Last Chance Mercantile; Prices vary

Last Chance Mercantile

14201 Del Monte Blvd., Marina | 264-6900, lastchancemercantile.org



For the bookworm

A well-loved or eclectic read from the stacks at BookBuyers; Prices vary, paperback novels typically $8


600 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey | 375-4208


Lula’s Chocolates

For the sweet tooth

Dark chocolate macadamia turtles from Lula’s Chocolates; $7.25

Lula’s Chocolates

244 The Crossroads Blvd., Carmel | 626-3327, lulaschocolates.com


Pacific House Museum Shop

For the local history buff

Monterey’s Waterfront, a treasure trove of historic photos and stories of the culture and industry of Monterey Bay; $22

Pacific House Museum Shop

Custom House Plaza, Monterey | 649-7111, mshpa.org/shop


Imagine Art Supplies

For the artist on the go

A set of eight watercolor paints, a water brush and postcard-sized paper; $25

Imagine Art Supplies

309 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove | 372-1388, facebook.com/imagineartsupplies


Happy Girl Kitchen

For the breakfast lover

Big Sur marmalade made from mandarins, clementines and Meyer lemons; $12/8-ounce jar

Happy Girl Kitchen

173 Central Ave., Pacific Grove | 373-4475, happygirlkitchen.com


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