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Why the Weekly?

Excellent customer service Real local people are here to help you.

Smart marketing Reach more eyeballs for less money.

Verified and Audited Circulation We deliver what we say we deliver... and we won't spam your driveway.

We have advertising options to fit any budget

From full page retail advertising to service directory classifieds, we've got you covered.

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Advertising is an investment.

Advertising in Monterey County Weekly — in print and on our digital platforms — is an investment with the potential of both short and long-term dividends. You get to control your message and speak directly to our 90,000 weekly readers with your print ads, and simultaneously be on screen with our over 60,000 unique visitors that use us each month online, or on their phones. You can even tap into our e-newsletter mailing list that is over 25,000 recipients, delivered three times per week.

Our readers are active, young, professional and they are smart consumers who are busy and discerning. They are looking for products for their everyday lives, for services, for fun and entertainment. You want to build top-of-mind awareness with this valuable audience, make sure that you know who you are and what you have to offer.

Five Good Reasons to Start Advertising Right Now

Promote a new product or service Be it a new tasty dish on the menu, a new spa treatment, or a new product no one else has, you need to get it out there.

Update your hours You've updated your hours, let your customers know so they can take advantage of new longer hours, or won't be disappointed when you've closed.

Host a successful event If you want people to show up, you better send them an invitation

Out Position your competitor For everyday that you market your business and your competitor doesn't, you are winning mind-share, so customers will call you first.

Be everywhere Location, location, location. Whether you're business is on a busy street or tucked away. Whether your customers live or work in your town. The Weekly can be found in high-traffic areas all over the county, anywhere in the world online and right in their pockets on mobile phones. The Weekly is everywhere people work, live and play.

Advertising and marketing your message is essential to your company’s growth.

We recognize your business has plenty of choices on where to spend your limited advertising and marketing budget. But we’ve been around long enough to witness some very decent businesses fail due to misapplying solid principles of advertising, or worse, wasting their precious dollars on the wrong type of advertising.

Consumers today are busy, often inundated by information in their email, on their phone, TV, and computer. They are hungry for a way to cut through the noise and find what they want efficiently, all while becoming more connected to our community’s deep offerings.

What we offer our readership is dynamic content about the community in a hyper-local product — in print, online, and mobile. We have grown to reach the largest adult audience in the county, and at the lowest cost (with the Weekly alone, you can reach more readers in Monterey County of any publication and at the lowest cost per thousand (cpm).

While a mix of different mediums may be the smart path for your advertising program, it is increasingly difficult to know how to best navigate these waters in our technologically rich world.

  • Commercial television stations have increased challenges as technology transforms its industry, expanding the channels offered, changing the way viewers watch with preset recordings on DVRs for increased convenience (and the power to skip commercials), even more people turning to their computers to watch their favorite programs (again commercial free);
  • Radio was once the powerhouse in an affordable media offering a targeted buy to a captive audience (e.g. commuters), but Pandora and other internet radio stations have turned the industry upside-down. Even new cars today are moving towards offering internet radios as standard equipment, further jeapordizing the market-share commericial radio has held;
  • Daily newspapers are in a freefall and have seen their readerships cut in half in the past few years. When the Weekly started in the late 1980s, both local daily newspapers had circulations more than twice ours. Today, there’s little need to subsribe to a local daily newspaper and it shows — both the Californian and the Herald have circulation’s half of the Weekly’s.
  • Though Social Media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are exciting new tools to assist potential customers in finding your business, its difficult to stand-out (amongst all the stuff including the funny cat videos). Thus far local social media audiences are typically miniscule (the average number of “likes” for a local business page is less than 500).

Proven results of Monterey County Weekly

One reason we’ve bucked the trend and thrived as a local media company is that we’ve never stopped investing into our product (content) and have a commitment to being the best for our advertisers. We’ve been recognized for being the top weekly in California, and our readers have a strong connection to our work. One example is that our readers participated in our annual campaign for local nonprofits this year and raised over $1,000,000 for Monterey County Gives! in a six-week period.

Our goal is that our customers get great results. Talk to our advertisers who run consistent campaigns and they will tell you the same thing: advertising in the Weekly brings new and repeat business and they get strong service from our staff. A recent survey of our readers showed that more than 70% use the goods or services advertised in Monterey County Weekly at least 3 times a month.

Veteran advertisers:

Below is a list of some local enterprises who advertise with Monterey County Weekly. We’re grateful for their support and also proud that we’ve earned their business:

  • Passionfish
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Quail Lodge & Golf Club
  • Cassidy Turley BT Commercial Real Estate
  • Rio Grill Restaurant
  • Salinas Valley Plastic Surgery Associates
  • Scheid Vineyards
  • First Church of Christ Scientist Monterey
  • Del Monte Shopping Center
  • Hula’s Grill
  • Aubergine
  • Sock Shop
  • Midas Auto Repair
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  • Mahoney and Associates Commercial Real Estate
  • California American Water
  • Hahn Estate Vineyards
  • Outdoor World
  • Tarpy’s Restaurant
  • Hans Auto Repair
  • Doctors On Duty
  • Bay Bikes
  • Spa On The Plaza
  • Natural Veterinary Therapy
  • California State University Monterey Bay
  • Cannery Row Company
  • Sly McFly’s
  • Spa on The Plaza
  • Restaurant 1833
  • Dr. Daria Maldonado
  • Monterey Peninsula College
  • CSUMB World Theater
  • Hyatt
  • Sunset Center
  • James Penna DDS
  • Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
  • Carmel Music Society
  • Pet Specialists of Monterey
  • Cannery Row Brewing Company
  • American Cancer Society Benefit Shop
  • Tom's Auto Repair
  • Beacon House
  • J&S Surplus
  • Futons & Such
  • Carmel Plaza Shopping Center
  • Monterey Bay Computer Works
  • Girl Boy Girl
  • Khaki’s Men’s Clothier of Carmel
  • The County of Monterey
  • Monterey County Fair
  • Andres Bouchee
  • Aqua Blue Spa
  • L’Auberge Carmel
  • Turn 12 Restaurant
  • Ordway Drug Store
  • East Village Coffee Lounge
  • Gasper’s Jewelers
  • Federico’s Shoe Repair
  • California American Water
  • Save Our Shores
  • Voices for Children/CASA
  • The Crossroads Shopping Village
  • The Wharf Marketplace
  • Museum of Monterey
  • Old Monterey Business Association
  • Shoreline Goodwill
  • Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group
  • The City of Seaside
  • Chartwell School
  • Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore
  • Redshift Internet Services
  • Sunset Performing Arts Center
  • Chris’ Whale Watching
  • Gold Coast Tattoo
  • Gianni’s Pizza
  • Bulldog British Pub
  • Monterey Aesthetics Center
  • Stone Creek Kitchen
  • Baja Cantina & Grill
  • Brittania Arms
  • Blue Fin Cafe & Billiards
  • Peter B’s Brewpub
  • Turtle Bay Taqueria/Fishwife Restaurant
  • Hula’s Island Grill
  • Osio Cinemas
  • Portola Hotel and Spa
  • Paul’s Drapery
  • Wild Thyme Deli
  • Futons & Such
  • Carmel Lavender
  • New Camoldi Heritage
  • Rocky Point Restaurant
  • Ventana Inn and Spa
  • Whole Enchilada
  • MYO Frozen Yogurt
  • York School

Since 1988 the Weekly’s been working hard to offer value to our readers and our advertisers. We do the best job we can to merit our readers’ time and our advertiser’s investment, each and every week. Independently owned and operated (our headquarters are in a Charles Moore Building in Seaside), we hope we can serve you, too.

For more information, call us at 831-394-5656


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