Asked at Lalla Lounge in Salinas.

Q: What would you do to pass time as a P.O.W.?

Follow-up: Who’d be your pick as a cellmate?

EMILIA RODRIGUEZ | Student | Salinas

A: I would replay old episodes of The Twilight Zone in my head. It would keep my mind busy.

Family First: My mom so I can see her everyday. I feel the most comfortable with her and it would make time go by faster.

KENNETH GOLDEN | Bartender | Salinas 

A: I would try to sleep as much as possible. I’d spent most time trying to sleep it out. 

Prisoner of Love: My girlfriend, because she has all the benefits and I’d get along with her best. 

COURTNIE LOSADA | Personal Banker | Salinas 

A: Live vicariously through writing everyday. Maybe write a book about the experience to keep from going crazy.

Prison Break: I’d pick Channing Tatum for entertainment purposes. He’s going to be cut off from everyone else so I’d look pretty good to him.

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